My art of ‘Overthinking’.


Yes it’s true..with how much thinking I do all the time I literally am pushing  my brain on the phase of explosion. Because, all these  thoughts rampaging ‘this’ vital centre, are not only are streaming live at speed of light but are random and illogical. God knows how my brain is keeping up. Indeed it wouldn’t be surprise to learn if my core processor heated so much that my scalp actually managed to hatch out some chickens from the eggs .. Haha. That would be funny!! Imagine, me walking with a big bun shaped like a nest with eggs on it and one or two yellow furry chicks chirping..

Not again. See? what did I say? I am thinking this and I am already writing about unrelated topic and laughing all alone in the room. Talk about height of ‘pitiful’ life… Lol. So, yes I was talking on the topic ‘Over thinking’.

We all do it. Some of us more than others (me the most!). Can’t help it, can we? Especially the moments that I consider embarrassing.. How with talent of overthinking ‘ant starts to look like an elephant’ to us. Suppose, I slipped and I fell in front of some people. Now the scenario thanks to my ‘over thinking brain’ would look like..

I slipped and I fell with a loud thud..people heard my bums, probably my hip bones making a ‘craaaa…ck’ noise. So babies started crying hearing the horrible sound, mother started sooshing their infants cursing me for breaking their peace, girls started giggling looking at the ‘mass of blob’ I had made of myself and boys started breaking into tears because they couldn’t help laughing at the amusing failed gymnastic performance I had given’.

Yeah, I fell. But it did not happen like how I think it happened probably!!hahah. Now that’s some serious talent isn’t it? Overthinking is an ‘art’. I tell you. But ‘overthinking’does adds extra details..sometimes extra stuffs too. So it is dangerous. Its inviting misery. And it’s not just on personal levels, it’s also on relationships and other things in life.

Especially true  for girls, I would say.

Lost-in-thought and found.

We expect our men to know telepathically our feelings and our wants. Utter the word ‘A’ and we are already expecting him to understand till ‘Z’. And when he fails to pull through, there it goes the rantings.. ‘he doesn’t get me and bla bla’ and our ‘world of thoughts with fairy tales starts crumbling’…

Hey, this dosen’t mean you get an easy excuse with your girlfriend. Maybe you ‘really’ didn’t get her!! Start putting some should read her mind like you’re a mind reader by now before… someone else does.   Coz you know what will happen next. (hahaha). Just ask her to cut you some slack once in a while, will you? And make sure you also her to tell  what she is thinking now and then to you. Believe me from a woman to woman, no matter how relaxed she looks, she is upto something in her head..

That being said now. Everyone knows ‘Overthinking’ is pathologic. And I am not saying here every girls are pathological thinkers. Don’t be scared.. unless it’s me. Haha. Sometimes, its good to think a little extra as in day dream and feel like you are on cloud nine. But that’s only good till you stick to reality. Make sure you don’t go astray where you can’t find a way to come back.


So here is the thing, Stick to the simple rule like my favourite quote says ‘if it dosen’t matter in next 5 years then don’t waste your 5 mins or 5 hours more thinking about it’. True isn’t it? After all Life is too short and already too loaded with many problems. You don’t want to create extra burden for yourself J


17 thoughts on “My art of ‘Overthinking’.

  1. Hahaha!! this is the writing of an over thinking brain in overdrive, but it’s entertaining and true. Everyone overthinks, it’s a habit but it’s better than under thinking and ending up short. *not as in short or tall* So you go from hothead because of over thinking, then egg head and all the way to bird brain….you are a card. They do say the mind is like a runaway train sometimes but sometimes you have to over think, but it is dangerous because it leads to over reacting……that’s a laugh because then people get over excited and everything ends up going over board. Haha! They say the mind makes things bigger than they are in any situation, that’s when five little letters can rescue you. R*E*L*A*X.
    I like that mantra, 5 years, 5 hours, 5 minutes…..high 5 for that. I’m sure everyone can relate to this, I know I can. But guys should know their girls and vice versa, if they don’t then they don’t talk enough. I better get over myself with all these overs.
    I love bloggers that blog from the mind, calm down and breath missmonsoon because you’re right, why carry more baggage then you have to. Anything from the mind is wonderful, this was enjoyable….I actually read it twice. ;o)

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    1. I was hoping people wud find it intrestin and thank you for doing so..i appreciate ur coments. They are encouraging and ofcourse witty n humorrrrful hehe so engaging. Ur right i try to R..E..L…A..X. sometimes i wish someone wud shake me up wen i get nervous lol. Hm u must b thinking..omg this gal is a mess!! N whoever else is reading must also b thinkin the same but hey i am living with it lol..i think the rule of 5 is perfect. Its an old famous life saving quote.. 🙂

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      1. It is interesting, you can be sure of that missmonsoon. Relax works but everyone’s cage gets rattled, mines does. I’m sure readers who read can relate and are probably saying, “I’m not alone”. Those 5’s, I call them sanity keepers.

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      2. Yup. Thats good words. tht i think..i do hav many manos in my life to keep myself together. Hahhah. Obviously coz if i don set my own rules wid brain like mine i wud b bouncing everywher. May b i sud write them kn a notbook and go thru wenever i need them hahha.i never thought i had so many principles. Good!!

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      3. Well, a mantra I follow is “Critique is the schoolbooks from which we learn today” I think I have a lot of one liner quotes that helps me get through also. remember, your brain is a filing cabinet, so you don’t need to write them down, and just by talking with you, it seems to me you have a lot of principles and that’s good…, I have principles and teachers! Hhaha, get it?

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      4. Hmmm dats a good quote. But again if a critique with a sarcasm taht’s a nono on my dictionary. coz 1st i don like sarcasms..its lot negative than suggestions and second i hav a pigeon’s heart.
        PS- pigeon’s heart as in clap a mile away and a pigeon flies off its nest leaving its eggs. wel atleast it was dat way back in my country. Here, the pigeons dont even fly..they run coz they are so fat and over fed. someone needs to scare them and put some effort to making them healthy.. 🙂

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      5. No, you can’t put critique and sarcasm in the same category, at least I don’t, but in my opinion, both serves a purpose. nothing is negative if you look at it in a positive way, another mantra I stick to.
        A pigeons heart huh? Well, I am not in favor of those hearts, it’s too bad you consider yourself that because it seem like I am talking with someone who is above that. :o( But, we play the cards we are dealt……. Well, don’t let that pigeon heart of yours fly without letting me know if I clapped. Hahaha. I have a penguin heart but not as cold. ;o) But p.s…thanks for the warning, if that was a subliminal message from a clever thinker like yourself. Recently left some eggs huh? Well, not all can make it into the frying pan….some eggs are keepers.

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      6. stop looking for sublimal messagess then hahah. u think too much. i didn kip any sublimal mesage but yeah left some eggs back lol. U will know. There is a reason why joker is a trump card.. And i love your mantra!! coz i am kinda pessimist i am alys lukin for optimistic views and ur overflowing wid one.. 🙂

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      7. I don’t look for subliminal messages, sometimes people drop the wrong card on the table. It’s like being “carded” to get into a place. how will I know you left some eggs back…..hmmmm…guess you’re getting comfortable on my planet huh?
        The Joker is the trump card, it always has the advantage at the end game, but royalty can be a challenge….like a queen. ;o) only If it’s a spade.
        Your mantras are loveable too. Your a pessimist huh? Why do you take me for an optimist and not a pest? ;o)

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      8. A queen is alys a challange.. hahaha. I think ur optimist coz when i read ur coments i think of color yellow. Thats a warm color.. Its good to be optimist. even i am developing preety serious optimistic yeah..i can fly lol

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