Well that’s me..


Well here i was back from my evening walk..looking myself at the mirror HORRIFIED. It was raining, gentle showers. Didn’t care. When i need to walk, i need to walk. That’s just it..Rain or No Rain. But why the hell did i had to put a mascara on? i don’t know. Not water proof, on top of that!!

So imagine what i saw when an asian GHOLLUM( character out of lord of the rings movie, sort of looks like a cross between fish and a human)


stared back at me from the mirror. Almost everything the same including the baldness on front(my forhead is big!!) but with a pony that looks like a tail of drenched fox, pale yellow skin and panda eyes.. thanks to the smudged mascara!!. i was so angry. i literally cried. Not cried but literlly (you get what i mean right? Must be in my time of that month). hahha. Well the thing is i forgot i had a mascara on. who puts a mascara when they are going for evening walk and noone sees you on the dark of winter evening. well me!!!

I felt like i was creeping super sleek on the dark doing my own thing, of course avoiding any attention. Feeling like i am inside that Harry potter’s invisible cloak but then everyone is staring at me. ‘I must be looking extra preety huh? ‘ i laughed at my self.. bloating like a baloon inside. Can’t deny.

Then there is whole truth infront of me. Ghollum with panda eyes!

(hahha..atleast that’s a fun memory now for everyone who saw me… may not be excatly for me too but i will take it  🙂


25 thoughts on “Well that’s me..

    1. I always think about you Mr Ashiaki. DOnot worry..sometimes when i walk around the park and see fallen leaves or bird chirping..i remember ur verses of haikus.
      Sometimes i think what would you have written if i found something ordinary yet simple as blooming flowers that you have a great poetic touch to describe about 🙂

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      1. Hmmm…we connect at subconscious level Mr Ashaki 🙂
        well feeling are hard to describe sometimes Mr Asiaki.. and m not very good with words like you are. do you have a reading app called wattpad? 🙂

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      2. A state of melancholy was the closest I could describe the feeling that I thought you were having. A long time ago in some book I read that people could be connected in the subconscious level. It was like a science fiction beyond my serious belief although I though it would be nice if it could really happen. I don’t know anything about wattpad. What does it do? 🙂

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      3. UH hmm true. i do have a melancholic personality. But i try to get through it. I do believe people can be connected in subconscious lever after all brain does produce electro magnetic waves hehhe. Although its insane to reach all theway through Japan but wel we have that then 🙂 wattpad is sort of like online library where writers put all sort of poems, stories and stuffs. i read it often. its a good time pass and there are intresting stufs. i kind of had something there that i wanted to share with you. too bad wordpress dosen’t have a message inbox huh..otherewise i would have posted what i wrote there with you. Apparently i can’t post it here. 🙂

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      1. Haha, that’s funny. I look like him to, its a good movie. I read your Entwined part 1, it seems like a good read so I guess its a good thing I like to read.
        Thanks for the follow, hopefully my ramblings don’t bore you.

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      2. I sound like someone you used to know, you don’t know them anymore. lol Sorry, but I hope that’s a compliment.
        I ramble a lot about nothing sometimes, but you have some interesting reads, I keep reading your Entwined book, it’s okay so far, creative and dark. I’ll keep reading but I gotta try to read other of your stuff along with everyone else’s, I’m an avid reader. You do have a good taste in long movies, have you seen all of the LOTR?

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      3. It is a compliment. But No. i don’t know the person like i used to know. 🙂
        u like reading huh? i read anything that comes across me ofcourse they don’t stay on my head for long but i too am avid reader. LOTR i watched all the series on one day so i have no idea how many were there. But i gues i did 🙂

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      4. *Whew*…I hate to get off on a bad foot with bloggers. haha!! Well, that’s to bad, girls can be complicated.
        I love to read, books, billboards, comics and cookbooks…that’s why I came here, to read but to also write. I’m working on my John Grisham collection right now, wonderful writer. What do you like to read?
        If you watched LOTR all in one day then you must not sleep. I seen them all too, not as quickly as you but I got through them. My fav character was Legolis, he was the arrow shooting Elf. You’re funny, there were a few of them. *I’m laughing but not at you, with you* by you having no idea how many. haha.

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      5. i kinda hav poor memory. so yeah i don remember how many were there..thats al right i’m laughing at myself. hehe. i don hav particular type. i readabything that is funny..and yeah ofcourse fictions..i try avoiding the sad ones as much as possible. John Grisham..havn’t heard about him..may b i wil google 🙂


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