Our hopeful future.


”You cannot feel air but it is there.You have to know..” he wrote to me once.

Indeed, air is our need for sustenance.
How long should we hope to live without it to breathe.
Feelings are like that.

One wishes if only these ‘we feel’ came in shapes and sizes.
So we could tie them all together in a knot and present it in the open..
For the other to see, caress it and remember
Because ‘Air’ no matter how
Vital it is, it is often forgotten.

However, Air never leaves.
Even if you momentarily stop to respire..
LIfe itself will wither slowely and age with the seconds of the watch.
‘feelings’ ..like ‘Air’ will exsist, continuing in the perpetual momentum..
As much like,
‘breathing’ is a chore, crucial to life yet.. physically we are
indifferent to its motion.

Eventually, one day life will embrace back love in us with open arms.
Like the trees will welcome the spring again..after its autunm desolation.
When we are truely willing to feel..
what that was always there omnipresent..around us

Love comes in many forms..it may not be the same again.
But Remember, ‘love’ is like ‘Air’..It was always there
It will always be there.
We can’t see it. We have to feel..
Trust it and let it unbolt our instincts.
For ‘future’ no matter how it may be
Is a beautiful thing to dream.


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