He. Entwined with me.



He loves me. He loves me not.
I have dethroned a rose and plucked it out of it’s petals
Searching for answer,
In mere probability of ‘the odds’ and ‘the evens’.

he is more to me, than just a man getting through his everyday routine.
More to me, than just a companion trying to appease my intrest and bend into his will.
He is further and an additional,
To my core..to my spirit.
Yes. He is a soulmate.
A necessity for my vitality.

Whether ‘i refuse’ or ‘he refuses’
We are ‘Entwined’ in the cosmos..
Preserved in the fragments of time..
Obsession, love or Not.
‘Shards’ or ‘Chandelier’.
‘He’ and ‘I’ are carved into the chi’, a breathing life-force of the universe



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