Entwined 23 :)



Laira had come to a stop infront of familiar figure now. Raven sat infront of her on white half sleeved shirt and navy blue pants with a head  buried inside his arms in the side walk.

‘Don’t cry’  she says with caring soft voice, reaching out to him with an umbrella, protecting him from the heavy rain that was suddenly downpouring.

Sebastian  dashes under the tree to take  a shade. He sits down uncomfortably on the wet ground, stretching his long legs with his sore muscles against the concrete road  before leaning his back  on the tree trunk , only a distance away from them.

He then looks at the boy who still  buried inside his frail arms, oblivious to presence of his company and lovingly throws another glance to the  girl  sitting next to him, corncerned and patient. This was laira, the girl Raven was in love with..

The girl I am in love with..something inside him whispers.

The angry drops of falling rain beats the ground as the two souls silently observe it throwing tantrums . Sebastian watches  the rain dig the puddles in the frail earth beside him while cleaning away the black topped road infront of him.

Its only matter of own’s will to let someone break you. Isn’t it?  what are the possibilities that these rain drops  will break the concrete?’

The hissy fits of  heavy rain continues. It masks away  occasional sobs of Raven’s with its own unpleasant rantings.

Finally the clouds clear away leaving behind an open blue sky. Warm beam of white light penetrates through, casting its spell on just rejuvenated petals of flowers and the leaves.

‘Why are you here?’ Raven asks once his storm had settled, nervously, his head still refusing to leave away protection of his arms.

‘Because, you were crying’  laira replies in a caring but hesitant tone.

‘No I was not!’ Raven retorts instant like a snob he was. Then he hastily turns around, reaching out  to pick up a handful of pebbles from the flower pots across the white wooden fence lining the playground. One by one he tosses them angrily  to the other side of the road. After emptying  more than half, his anger gives away, his face softens  and he starts feeling guilty . ‘Sorry’ he breathes out in  a low murmur.

Taken by his sudden apology, laira sits still staring at his puffed eyes and flushed cheeks with imprints of fingers  running across them extending all the way back to his ears, before replying ‘Its all right’ in a soft voice.

‘You are the last person I would have wanted to see me that way’ Raven adds, avoiding her eye contact realizing that she was tracing the imprints that shamed him..

‘You don’t have to be, not with me atleast’ laira replies. Raven  manages to throw a weak smile at her.

‘Where were you last night and day before that?’ ‘What were you doing?’ ‘Were you spending your time with your bestfriend?’ Raven had asked, when his mother had showed up infront of the gate, supposedly after two nights away.

‘I was in a buissness trip. I called home but the phone line was dead. It was an emergency meeting so I had to leave  Raven. What’s wrong with you? Why are you speaking like this?’ his mother had answered in a worried tone.

‘No the phone line is not dead. You are lying on my face. Why don’t you admit it you were away with that man. You humiliate us! I am ashamed to call you my mother!’ Raven had lashed out, mean words shooting out of his mind without a second thought.

‘Pat’ ‘Pat’ ‘Pat’ She had snapped. All her suppressed anger inflicted upon her son in those momentum of seconds.

Then Raven had stood frozen. His mother too had fled the scene disturbed by her own response.

‘Raven’, ‘Raven’ Laira had to  shake him vigorously clutching his arms tightly till he was back to the conscious. However, as soon as he was back to himself, he had jolted away flashing her a traumatised look with his tears running endlessly down his cheeks.

‘Don’t worry Raven. Your secret is safe with me’ Laira makes a promise, recalling the incidence trying to assure Raven, the whole event was only between them and there was nothing to worry about. Raven barely flinches. He looks sceptic, lost inside his depth of thoughts. She could tell he was embarrassed and wished she was never there on the first place.

if only you knew it dosen’t matter..’.       She pecks on his cheek.

Its catches Raven by surprise who runs his slender fingers on his cheeks to feel the wet skin and throws Sebastian off his thoughts. He blushes and  smiles nervously  before pecking her back softly  in her blushing cheek and replies ‘Thank you’.

Sebastian stands abruptly after pulling off his head out of Raven’s thought. They were getting as erratic as his thoughts were now. He was surprised, he was pleased, there were hundred of thoughts that were flooding into Raven’s brain but so was in his. A part of him was genuinely happy for what  had just happened but a part of him just wanted to run away from where he was standing. He felt unsettled and on the edge.

This was their first kiss and he would never forget it, no matter how much he wanted to.



6 thoughts on “Entwined 23 :)

  1. What description, I love the detail about the weather…what the rain hit, where it hit and what it was like!!! Awesome!!! I’m so into this story and the fact that it has come a long way is chilling. The description of the relationship evokes feeling. Guess you really should watch where you walk in the mind of others huh?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You did. Thank you 😊 Finally i feel like i can actually describe things that run into my head a little clearly..and am doing some justice to my imagination. Although i must say i know i am wayyyy behind…but i like it when i hav someone to read wat i hav writen…hahha i hav crazy hobbies yeah and crazy stories lol. Everyone sud watch out what others are thinking..i am glad noone is professor x coz poor creature if he would hav logged himself inside my head..lord knows he wud never dare again!!😁

      Liked by 1 person

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