Happiness and loneliness


Met an elderly couple walking together

a step at a time, with their cane.

Breathing steadily, resting often..

to keep up with their strength of old age.

‘Happiness’ is that.. I thought, looking at the man

gaze adoringly at his wife.

Wondered, how preety must she look even now for him

with wrinkles on the forehead, lines under her eyes.

Saw him again, although much older than he used to be.

Hear they say a year has gone by, since his wife passed away of some disease.

No one remembers, no one recalls, the last time he let out a smile.

A part of him is gone..

his life is as vacant as the stare he casts on  the sky.

‘loneliness is that..’ I thought, seeing him lost inside his own world amongst the crowd.

To be missing that particular someone..to whom he had devoted his everything for.

Silent like a statue is, could he be screaming..banging his head.. wanting to vent his grief?

Or is he be numb..sullen..attempting to bury his painful feelings?

‘happiness’ with her, loneliness without her

Life is a maze..or is it love that makes it?

I hope…  he finds in his heart to smile again, keeping alive his beautiful memories

I hope.. he knows that he loved her enough and he was there when she needed it

And if someday he felt, he was too ignorant..too busy..too reluctant to be there

I hope he finds forgiveness in his heart knowing that ‘he did his best to make of what little he could afford’….

So that, One day..he could finally let her go…


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