Beauty of words..from a stranger.

A walk in the park

Met a poet down the road. Old jolly fellow with sunglasses on, heading out for early morning walk with his brown and black on white printed small dog. He stopped me and asked ‘would you like to listen to what I came up with just now’?

That’s an odd request for early morning. But he smiled so well,I didn’t hav a heart to ignore.

Excitement filled up in air as I listened him raise his voice higher than his calmer tone.  I wondered if he was used to stopping strangers now and then all the while. ‘Never mind. I wasn’t in hurry anyways’.

Then flowed his verses like a sound of flowing river on my ears, on to my mind then to his soul. I didn’t expect it I guess. It hit me beautifully. I got  lost, struck in awe with his words.

To his friends he will leave sunshine, to lovers he said he would leave moon.

I wish I could recall all those lines, those would have definitely filled one page, should he have written down. I just hope he dosen’t forget what he created when he sits to jot his lovely poem.

To everyone he wanted to leave something before he saw his own doom. Neatly wrapping his love in beautiful phrases, there he was, this funny old looking man with a funny looking small printed dog, wanting to give everyone a piece of his heart. A piece of his heart to everyone who knew him and who didn’t.

When is the last time I felt this good listening to people..say a random stranger.

Smile indeed is contagious. And words are indeed infectious.

october 3/2016 ^_^!


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