I promise you love..


When a house feels only like a shelter
And its walls affords you nothing but cold solitude
I promise you home.

When the lines on pages read silent
And its stories evokes you nothing but mere words
I promise you compassion.

When all is lost and you fall down on your feet
With drenching rain.. beating out your self esteem
I promise to be hope.

When night falls and your own shadows betray,
running away in the dark
I promise you safety.
I promise to be your companion.

So, donot be scared darling..
When fear creeps in and your soul screams like a mad man
Donot hesitate for one single moment
In thinking Your demons wil tame your inside person
For.. i promise you warmth in my shoulders.
I promise you dreams in my visions
I promise you, your smile..your life to be filled in with colors
But above all
I promise you..i promise you ‘love’
The best of me.




Next poem 🙂 — Rain..



One thought on “I promise you love..

  1. Promises I know I made many times before
    And I broke each one of them
    But I had to learn over and over again
    Don’t hurt the one you love

    Girl, you see that I
    I apologize
    Tell me what to do
    To get through to you

    Girl, it’s not the same
    I know I was to blame
    Just tell me when will I
    See you smile again.

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