Entwined 20 :)


It catches Sebastian by surprise on hearing Raven’s thought. Not the fact that he could hear whatever Raven was thinking but that his sister who had peculiarly beautiful eyes, was blind. It made him  wonder,  if he could have ever guessed that, had he not listened to his thoughts. This finally made sense, why the hall was empty and so spacious.

‘Rose’ he hears Raven call her, after a long  silence.

‘Have I ever described you what fire looks like?’he asks.

‘Yes. Brother you said, mostly it was warm like yellow but more  passionate like red..but sometimes its fiery red and extremely bright  yellow like anger is,  if I remember correct’ she replies gleefully looking at his direction.

‘oh did I say that?I must have forgotten then’

‘yes. You did.’

Sebastian senses the enthusiasm in her words as she spoke. He did not have to guess, to know, how she depended on her brother’s words, to draw images of an object into her own mind. His words alone were the bricks to a castle she was building in the air.

‘Donot ever hesistate  to ask me, whatever you want to know about. I can describe you..i will try my best. ok?’ says Raven, more corncerned now. His gaze fixed, with scrupulous attention to her eyes.

A soft side of Sebastian’s jeykll and hyde heart melts at that time. He bends forward curiously. Crossing his long fingers together with  elbows resting on his knees, he positions himself face to face with the boy.   Ofcourse  this boy did not have a sharper nosebridge and well defined jawlines. His chubby flushed cheeks and heart shaped face with plump lips made him look anything other than a full fledged  predator Raven was.  But, there was no doubt he was  Raven. As innocient as he looked he was going to be  a reaper, a cold soul who never forgave, never forgot and  perhaps never loved. A wave of sadness surges over Sebastian as he lets the grim thoughts overflow him, how he hated a part of his human heart that felt all these petty emotions.


‘How different is love from hate? Isn’t it a very thin line?’ Sebastian hears himself asking the boy ,who stood frozen infront of him, in the seconds of time, that Raven’s memory had preserved.

‘Resurrecting your father to punish..i understand.. but why laira?’

No answer, his words  drifts away unwanted  in the silence of the hall.



‘Brother’ the little girl’s voice interrupts Sebastian’s flowing thoughts.

‘ You have said that to me more than hundred times. You know I will ask you when I need to..’ her soft voice jingles with reassuring tone.

Raven smiles. His tearful eyes gives away a glimpse of his painful heart. She was his precious. No one in the world mattered. He would forever be there to protect her, to describe her colors, rainbows and butterflies that she would never see on her own.


‘However..’  Rose  pauses, narrowing her eye brows, looking closely on the fire.

‘The next door neighbour…You never describe me anything about her.I am curious’.

She pokes the dying  fire with metal rod, that pierces through one of the holes in the net like metal frame kept infront of it and blows a few times. Once the fire is settled and burning into flame again, she turns her head to Raven and casts him a questioning look.

‘Did words finally fail you brother?’

Raven coughs instinctively.

He coughs again  and  coughs even harder ,desperate to avoid the question. And strangely enough, to avoid the stare his sister was giving him, he takes a step back, stumbles and  falls to the cold floor with a loud thud.

‘Did you fall that hard on love, huh?’Rose teases.

‘I may be blind but I am no fool’ she adds chuckling, pointing her little forefinger on him.

‘Damn it!!’ Raven hits his fist into the palm of his hand, embarrassed and flushed. ‘Just tell me you like pretending blind..’. He laughs

‘I wish I could.’ She pulls her lower lids of both eyes, cupps  her cheeks with little hands making them look  protruding,then  sticks out her tongue and laughs too.

Sebastian listens to their conversation joyfully. Their heartful laughs,  echoes to him like wind charms in the emptiness of the room while  his lonely bystanding soul  soaks in  Euphoria, to have witnessed purity of love  in a form  that   he never experienced.

‘If only i had some one like that….’


24 thoughts on “Entwined 20 :)

  1. See, you can never be over descriptive as long as you stick to important feeling. I love how you describe fire for her to see it, that was one of the sincere moments. A reaper that can’t love or be loved but yet, a reader can live this character…..really good. I like your dedication.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hmmm u hooting for raven huh..i m kinda having hard tym bringing all of them around sinc all of them are imp n there is no one main role..yes probly raven but m sorta not just focusing onto.
      I was so hyped yest thanks to ur egobooster on dedicating. I wrote two chapters n my laptop crashed. Now byebye to wat i wrote n everything i had on dat laptop.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You’re right, the story doesn’t just focus on one guy or girl. All of them have a story by the way it’s going and it makes for a good read.
        Thanks again but you are in no need of an ego boost or stroke, you’re good but whatever I can do. Two chapters, that’s great and that stinks!! Technology huh, we’ll get back on the horse and ride it…….seconds are sometimes better than the first so you got this missmonsoon.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Hmmm with technology i m stil a cave man… theregoes everything..sometimes i wish i had atleast a thing or two talent with handling gadgets.. so that i don hav to look like a primate among others.Yeah probly second wud b bettr then..if i get another laptop soon dat is..

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      3. Your funny. *pictures missmonsoon hammering a spike tip onto a stone tablet*🙂
        Believe it or not, I still use notebooks and pens. You’ll make this story better when your laptop gets to you.


      4. hahhahhaa now thats what i call imagination!! i probly do look like that. my handwriting is so bad til the time i would have done writing i wouldnt understand the first sentence i would have written 🙂 til then bro’s laptop rocks.

        Liked by 1 person

      5. Happy thanksgiving to you too. Although wat is it? I don hav any idea. Did u celebrate it? How? Is it the day where people stay togethr n hav turkey?
        Hahha i doubt u wud understand..wen evn i cant..lol

        Liked by 1 person

      6. Ah….it’s a traditional day to give Thanks for what you have been given. Families come together and spend time and eat and yes, Turkey is the traditional feast, *wishbone reference*. I’m sure similar celebrations are done with just a different name, huh?

        Liked by 1 person

      7. Chicken here taste difrent than the taste i was used too..the one we had were way juicier….haha u kno chikens are imp in our culture. When we are having guest its sorta tradition to feed them chicked..the rooster especially.

        Liked by 1 person

      8. Well it is in ours. Guest are treated with chicken as man dish on first night. Preferably freshly prepared so we kno its a rooster. Well u cant tell the diferenc much but roosters are juicier. Good soup! The head always goes to the eldest member in family. I used to laught when my grandmom used to hav a lot of them in big family gatherings..

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      9. Hahha yup chicken meal. Hen are usualy not prefered except on regular diners. Yeah head is sign of respect..hahha. we hav many intresting culture.. i laught at some but again some has great advantages to us..

        Liked by 1 person

      10. Culture traditions can be weird but they are very special. Hens, roosters and chickens…I can’t tell the difference, I usually just wing it. Haha. What are some advantages aside from the humor you get out of it.

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      11. Well 1st if its a rooster meant for worshiping..u feed it till the sacrifice day and make it fat..if the rooster is wild one..its fun chasing it all around when it runs. Lot of mothers give roosters to their daughter wen she is expecting child haha..to fatten the baby lol..there are many i cant remember haha

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