The possibilities’ Never give up..Never!!

7 billion people out there.

Young plant

Someone is surely going to love you despite your craziness. Someone  is surely going to appreciate your work despite the numbers in lack of acceptance. Someone is out there who will surely laugh at your jokes despite your lack of sense of humor. Someone is there..believe me..who will undoubtedly cry at your words despite them ringing empty on your own ears

7 billion people in the world..look around the possibilities. What are your chances to touch lives??Are you telling me, you cannot sway away atleast a hundred of them with your lures..come on!!! your better than that.

So Smile.

Surely you know now..

you will leave an imprint on hearts and lives for forever no matter what you do.The possibilities if you ask me is ‘limitless’.

SO.. set out and do whatever you wanted to whatever you wanted to be..someone will definately look at you and think someday…why didn’t i do that..



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