Marley braids in my family.


Asian Parents.

My sister recently got hair like you know ‘Bob Marley’ hair. Happens out its called ‘Marley braids’. On top of it, she even bleached it blonde so now, most of her hair on the head and those that runs down her shoulders are blonde while some proportion on her head including fringes are still black. She looks cool like really cool if you ask me.

Of course it’s a fashion thing.

But there is also a reason so as to why she got it ..she explained to me.

Though honestly I fancy her new look even more but that explanation won’t and will never work on our parents. Why did she even try?i don’t know.

There were these fat tears in her eyes when she spoke to me ‘Do you know what it feels like to be one of those very few Asian girls on this f**** place?’

‘I felt like I stood alone everytime, completely ignored. I wanted a change, something new and this is what I got! And you know what? They notice me.. And they even start talking by complementing me’.

‘Oh’ I said. Yes just that.

I know what it feels like being ignored. I wasted half of my  life trying to be invisible too. ‘I am not saying I disapprove your hair’ I remarked. ‘psst..’ she made a sound to indicate my opinion made no difference nonetheless.

But It was true. I am not cool like her and I don’t dare much to go against my parents. But I too wanted to dye my hair silver white!! But that was really long time ago. And you know what?? I will.Someday..not just today or immediate tomorrow. But near tomorrow. I will dye them on vacation or thing like that for few days and then dye it black to my natural hair. Smart and quick, huh?

‘Get rid of your hair!!’ Mom stomped inside our room. Again.

She has been doing that for a week now. Every day, every morning. Talk about a good start in morning..’

Until my sister finally gave up.

‘Ok..’ she snaped. ‘Give me 1 month. Just 1 month. I need to untie the knots. And I can’t coz I am busy with work now’.

‘Why don’t you just let her have it..’ I tried to persuade mom.

‘Oh, you would agree to that wouldn’t you? If you had been a good sister in first place. Your sister wouldn’t have been walking around with head like that!!’ She fired at me.

Now this really got me mad.

And you know where the conversation went. My sister is untying her hair everyday little each time  whenever she manages and I am just sitting..mad. Mad and Just Sitting!!

Hehehhe. That’s just us and our family affairs hahaha.


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