Entwined 17 :)



‘ Sweetie turn back’ Sebastian says after a moment grinning from side to side of his mouth.

‘Tell it all ..to that  guy behind you. He has been standing here eavesdropping us for a long time’

Hesitantly laira turns her head back . She catches her breath, seeing yanjas look at her confused and shocked both at the same time. ‘Ah…’she stammers.

‘i can’t even think of a thing. .why does my brain do this to me everytime i need it to work???

watever..jus say something.. anything’ little devil laira pops, with a hammer and starts hammering on her head. ‘Just don’t embarass me anymore’ she cries.

‘Shoosh..’ says laira to her virtual little self, while Yanjas stood even more confused of her behaviours and both Sebastian and the traveler ‘Raven’ walked away leaving her alone with  ‘the special guy’.

‘He is going to break her..’ states Raven corncerned  telepathically, his face expressionless, eyeing the high school boy out of the corner of his eyes.

‘Yeah…’ sighs Sebastian  ‘And I don’t even like him’.



‘Why are you giving me so much money? Have you even counted it?’laira falters, holding to a basket full of crumbled money.

‘Oh please laira. I am not good at maths and Raven says he feels too lazy to count. Its just a basket of money. Its not even much..all you have are rolls of 20 Rupees on those’.

‘yes! But hundreds of them!Its insane!’ laira exclaims.

‘We have a whole box of money filled in here. Its ok for you to take that much. Its your fair share’ Raven argues, pushing back the box of money back to her hands.

‘I think I am overpaid for the day’

‘May be you are.. But don’t you have stuffs to buy like dresses or bags and things to do like rolling on bed with cash on? Heard those are all the stuffs girls like..’ Sebastian comments with an innocient face throwing a questioning look.

‘Um…’ laira flashes an awkward smile, not having a heart to deny him and obviously the truth.

‘Go off’ Sebastian gives her a gentle push behind her back. ‘Meet us Saturday. You got our numbers’

‘ok..’ laira runs inside her house excitedly holding the box filled with money. Tonight she was not going to sleep. She was going to carefully stack together all the crumbled piece of notes and count them carefully..



‘Why are we here?’ asks Sebastian, standing infront of a double storyed mansion, that looked like a haunted house out of horror movies, overlooking a window, what seemed like the only well lit room in the property.

‘A monster always seeks its creator whether by love or hate’ Raven replies, staring at the shadow of a man who seemed to be sitting, cooped up covered on blankets next to it.

He raises his hands and moves his fingers like playing a piano, which now seems to make the piano on the old man’s room actually play.

‘Astha…’ the old man screams and tries to run around the room restlessly. ‘Its that kid again he is here!!’ he shouts relentlessly.

Raven chuckles at the mischief he had just done. Sebastian smiles too.

‘Your father makes up a great comedian’ he remarks.

They stand up there watching the events silently like watching a movie on black and white show, through the window behind the curtains, enjoying every bits of what Raven’s mischief followed.

A shadow of lady appears next to the window,its  Astha, the old man’s sister.

They hear her calling the Hospital. ‘Hello I am calling for the emergency…’

Soon the ambulance arrives.  3-4 men rush Mr Rishak out of the house,strapping him on the strtecher, while he wrestles violently, begging them to let him finish what he started..killing himself.



20 thoughts on “Entwined 17 :)

  1. So nice to be both mentally liked and hated. Sebas still somewat hiding his feelings for Laira is humorous is so many ways. Yanjus, tho his role is growing is still just a kid on the backburner, hopefully his feelings for Laira grows so she doesn’t quite lose her mind. Anxious to see what becomes of Raven’s looney father, glad he is introduced into the story now, wondering wat his backstory will be? Still no main character which is genius, talented. I didn’t know the story took place in Nepal, I figured more like Romania but wen yu have an intriguing story, local doesn’t matter. This all started with ice cream cones and look where it has grown. Is Sebas or Raven ever gonna confront Yanjus as the concerned big brother type or will his feelings for her stay at bay?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well you will kno wat hapens with yanjas and laira in due time..may b its not upto raven and sebas to confront yanjas about laira becausd they really don lik lair giving him atention though they also don wan laira to lose her emotional aspects of human life…sorta thing. It was suposed to b in place somewher like dat but i cant describe places n houses if the scene comes becausd i haven seen them so i thot it did b better to put this part of story limited go nepal where i can describe stufs better u kno.yah raven’s looney father did have a story..u won b surprised..its the same cause in every household hahhaha 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Um he does…he jus dosent like the fact that yanjas is oblivious to laira..coz u kno how laira is imp to him. Evn tho he does get jealus n stuf…haha. sebas is complicated..he is too good n in a flip of switch he can be too bad. But he dosen like his bad side. Howevr raven wil hav no problm wid his bad side if it comes out u kno..he is instinctive. Wel jus not infront laira..n mostly coz wel he is being consumed and stufff..

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  2. This traveler has some crazy parents huh? This is broken into three descriptive chapters all in one, cool and getting easy to follow. I remember those names from the beginning of the book, really good to go back and explain them. Laira…..and her three men.🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha wat wud a poor gal do wid three awesum eye ogling men lol….hm u can tell me where there are more confusions n which need more discriptions i wil work on that n try explaining them on subsequent chaptrs 🙂 i am a quick learner…i learn looking back n from advices hehe

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I don’t know what a poor gal with three men ogling her would do, that’s something you can answer.🙂
        You strike me as a learner of experience which is why each chapter is better than the previous.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Wel it depends on who is persistent sincere and wel is right there. Raven wudn confes to her coz whole of his doings wil b out..sebas wudn coz he knos how much raven is into laira and wel yanjas is just floating still unsure..so yeah all of them are just ogling at the moment..there mit b a mystery character who finaly sweeps her away hahha

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Yeah, sometimes the blind ends up stealing what the foolish couldn’t see. Then again, from what I’m reading so far, Laira only has eyes on one person thus far. Mystery character are so mysterious.🙃

        Liked by 1 person

      4. yup so suspenseful that even the writer dosent know how to write….
        have you started getting coments on spam box yet? coz u are new..if u hav do tell me which ones are coment and which one are spams coz there are lot spam in my spam box that looks like coments idk..any idea?

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      5. So suspenseful that the writer doesn’t know how ” it will end”, because I already know the writer can write.🙂
        I haven’t been getting spam comments yet, what are spam comments…..do people actually send those?

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      6. I don know i m thinking its like computerised adverts same mesages from diffrent names of emails sorta thing…m dumb i cant realy tel betn advert and coment so sometimes the spam box clears the coments as wel. U sud kip checkin ur spam box..a lot of grnuine coments get lodged there sumtyms.

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      7. Yeah, I never bothered to look into a spam box, probably cause of the newness of my page. *newness…hmmm* Guess I will check it sooner or later…..is this a subliminal message? Did you send me a spam comment in some kind of encrypted language from your planet? ;o)

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      8. Haha!!!! Happiness is another goal of mines. Writen memory is good, always good to go back and remember what you forgot. Haha
        Planet Strange has all life styles. What would make you happy enough on this planet

        Liked by 1 person

      9. Ah…goal must alys b happiness. Hmmm they say i am a person who is happy with little things…so basically anything could make me happy. But a good ghollum company now and den will obviously make me smile more and yes!!the endless suplies of fishes..hahha

        Liked by 1 person

      10. Happiness should always be a goal. I’m happy with little too, a content kinda guy, so I assume you can guess what makes me happy.
        Gholums that think alike and make me laugh and mile, then, yep what more can the mayor ask for on is planet? ;oD


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