Entwined 16 :)




‘Er..homosapien…’ replies laira confused. ‘And he is not my boyfriend’ she adds shyly.

‘Of course I know he is not of primate species. He almost looks like us..except his frizzly hair so he must be a homosapien’ frowns Sebastian.

‘I meant was I am half Romanian half French, Raven here is idk but Caucasian anyways ..he never says anything…you are clearly oriental..’

‘oh he is afroamerican..’

Whaaaaaaa….t? That sounds cool..’ Sebastian flips inside his head, realizes within seconds he does not like the guy at all.. so gives a mental slap to himself to jerk away what little infatuation he had for the guy with frizzly hair.

‘So what is it sweetie?’he asks to laira once he is out of his head.

‘ its obvious that you like him. Why not go for it? Otherwise..he is going to be eyeing girls like that over there. See little shrimp! Didn’t even take him that long…’

‘Oh that’s his ex girlfriend. He still has a thing for her I guess’ Laira replies hesitatingly, looking at yanjas who was now helplessly staring at the girl passing by his side.

‘Well then even better! Now everything is clear off your road. Lucky you!!’ Sebastian exclaims with excitement twinkling in his eyes.

‘Raven here has been stuck with a girl he liked from ages ago..like ages ago and he still hasn’t done anything about it yet. I say just grab her and he is like..No…’ Sebastian makes a funny face when he says ‘No’, like a  spoilt highschool cheerleader  girl only that he looks preetier even with that unsusual expression.

‘No let her be..’ he repeats with annoyed face. ‘Can you believe it?’ he continues.

‘ You little laira should not be like that. Go and grab your man!’ he tries to persuade her strongly.

‘Oh..I understand Mr Raven.’laira sounds rather reluctant. She looks at the man in the black who stood facing away from them, his hands inside his pant pockets, looking cool and dainty as ever.. and ignorant of course, clearly least intrested in their talks.

‘You cannot force anyone to love you. Yes perhaps Mr Raven has been rather too unsure of himself to express to the girl because i donot think there is any girl who would dare to reject him. But if he still does love her then I donot know why he wouldn’t speak of it. He will never know unless he tries. As for myself, I cannot say to yanjas because he has another girl he has been waiting for and because he treats me like a sister. But again perhaps I too am too unsure myself..’ she says.

Sebastian stares at the girl, his eyes opened wider than he could have ever before, like he did not believe a word she was saying.

‘But yeah…’ laira continues. ‘ I did not ask yanjas if I could love him on first place..why would I expect him to love me back at all? Like that girl is special to Yanjas, he is special to me..and not every one gets their special things. I understand it’.

‘Laira..’ Sebastian interrupts, putting his hands on her shoulder like trying to shrug her off from her stream of thoughts. He beams his crystal blue eyes closer to hers,  looking desperately by any means to get a glimpse into her thoughts.

‘You are too young for god sake to be thinking like that! You should never… think like that!’ He makes a firm grip on her shoulders with agony clearly audible on his statement. While Raven too swiftly turns back and changes his stance to a position what seemed like an offensive mode  to laira.

‘Aw..such emotional maturity for your age. Perhaps you are not 15 at all. You are 115 hahha’ Sebastian outbursts suddenly, yanking himself away from laira, hiding the same time his bloody red lens..back to crystal blue within flicker of seconds, while laira stood unaware, blushed and amused of the peculiar character he was.

‘I can’t understand the person he is. Actually I can’t understand both of them’ laira says to herself, noticing the ununsual stance Raven stood with.

‘what happened?’ Raven communicates telepathically.

‘You happened!’ Sebastian snaps. ‘You are channeling too much negative energy. Your aura is affecting me..’

‘I am sorry. It got out of control’ Raven gives him an apologetic look with sincere sadness visible in his eyes. Sebastian looks at him feeling devastated himself. However,  this time Sebastian was at the edge. The thought of what he could have done to this precious girl within matter of seconds, without her even knowing it was burning him inside.


4 thoughts on “Entwined 16 :)

  1. Bravo!!!! Storyline and the characters come along is awesome. Your description gets better to where I can’t even say how good it is…..it’s getting so cool. Expression, feelings and orgins are all being put into it, awesome you. This Sebastian guy doesn’t like black people huh? Seems like it’s turning into a love triangle, square type thing. They love her, she loves him and he…..he’s clueless. I’m certain they are vampires now, he’s from Romania……where is Laira from? Where are they?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hmmm thats a good question
      I wanted to discus dat wid a particular person but now that we don talk i am clueless myself..he pojnted out it sud b from similar enviroment…so i m thinking may b i sud set it up whole on england. Aw dkn be heartbroken.lol. ofcourse he likes em. He dosen like the fact that laira has a thing for him…lets jus say he is jealous. And although he supports raven and laira together he is kinda geting into her..sthg like that. Does it make sense??hahhah. But there are no werewolves here!!hahhahaha


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