Pearl in the ocean.


Felt like, we had  known each other  for ages

Even though  we had never met

Felt like,  perhaps  we were destined

To cross paths but sadly.. never to be walking  in the same lane

Wondered.. how we could touch by words

Read between the lines that were never written


Never was a word between us.

Being so human yet breathing at such ease never happened.


Questions ? Yes, a lot I have been asking myself lately

‘Why did it occur to me,  out of my logic, out of my sense..

to give in to someone who  perhaps never  had an exsistence ???’

Bothered? Yes again…

‘ why in the world of millions sweethearts

Mine was  stuck, kept so desolate..miles away ??’

Think i should mind?? because  its unfair for my supposedly happy stories

Was is it too much to wish for my soulmate to be ‘in forever’ with me..


Finders keepers they say..are keepers happy or the finders more

When you have ‘a thing’ worked out together,is it sinful to seek, to break the laws

Perhaps its better  for me to understand now

Or should I say to ‘not  to’ ignore again the signs


To keep something so precious ,like a pearl in the depths of the sea, hidden always..

Out of human eyes , out of human sins

And unfortunately this time..out of my touch..before i tempt and disgrace it.


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