How words came


He said..

‘i am a slave who is all of a sudden set free and he dosen’t know which way to go. I guess writing what i want to write, instead of doing what someone wants me to do for money is what i want to do from now on’.

Those were how words came. Those were how hearts were won without a presence.


7 thoughts on “How words came

  1. Is it someone or our system or tradition that makes me work for money? It’s been a long while since I began furious efforts to set myself free to no avail. The slavery has no end. But in words I find my freedom. Words constitute my private room.


      1. In exact words? If so it is some talent, I must say. I say what I really mean so what I way will remain the same all the way through, but I can’t remember what I’ve said in exact words – just what I meant or felt. 🙂


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