Have you felt that way

dark-girl-horror-imagesHave you ever felt so bare that you fear a gentle hush of wind could peel your skin

Have you been afraid to know the limits of insanity and mess you have been holding

Have you felt  a sense of panic yet a surge of freedom rush your veins when you confront this person with all what is left of your darkest soul

Have you been afraid not for broken heart but fears that if you lose this person you will  always feel hollow

Have you felt the worst of you creeping out, like its been suffocating too long ..pretending good

Have you wanted a person to love you, yet not judge you, for not wanting to be with them with unnecessary bondings

Have you loved and wanted it to work all the way to see your happily everafter, even though you think fairytales dosen’t make sense

Have you tried your best to work things out for years and then realized you were never supposed to be working that hard when it’s you missing out on your everyday

Did you have a soulmate not the one you would marry but you can feel with every fibre of muscles in your thumping heart.. know that he/she will be your happily after, like a genie is to alladin..like tutu is for the prince..even though the concept its self is so sad

Are you ready to suffocate yourself, suffocate this person: the other soul, because you know  what you own if you let go..you may never have again

Are you willing to let your cards on the table and play the vicious witch, waiting to strike one sided bargain..

Are you the one thinking..may be its okay to swim along the seashore as long as you hide your heart back in the pearl..you could break again and again but you are only fooling.. your heart would be somewhere safe and secure’

Can you imagine married ..smiling for a family picture..with silver lines on your hair..holding hands with your partner and your children who perhaps never knew who you were..and you find yourself  dialing a familial number..who perhaps will never be on the reciever end

But above all, are you willing?? Because its a gamble..gut is all it takes to start the game.

If you do..welcome in..we are only humans after all. Let yourself feel the depths of your pits..only with a little twist’ with more than just a heart at stakes.




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