Entwined 15 :)


‘ what next Raven?’ asks Sebastian breaking their silence.

‘Her skin is pale, there are bruises all over her hands.. so little blood in her body. Its like I can’t even smell blood in her life. I worry to see her suffer Raven. She dies too many times. No matter how many times you revive her..life keeps getting shorter. And this wretched pain stabs back again and again’.

‘Yes. I know..but I can’t let her go. I promised I would not. I promised..’ the traveler  grits his teeth.

‘Of course you did. But that was 100yrs ago. I am just asking you to take the pain away. Let me help you, help me…let her stay with us for as long as we live. Centuries..’

‘I m trying to. But… I don’t want it that way. Given you a chance Sebastian, would you have taken this life of yours?’   Raven asks mournfully.

Sebastian pauses at the unexpected question. This was a question he preferred to better avoid always. Because no matter how he put it, no matter how meaningfully or pitifully he lived there was indeed never an end to time he had at his hands..

‘I know..i  would  have wanted to be a mere mortal’ he answers softly.

‘ To live, to suffer,to love, to remember.. But then perhaps I would not want it that way for real. Somebody has to be on balancing side. If good were to only exsist then they would not be good, bad has to coexsist to make them look better! Do you not understand?’ Sebastian throws a worrisome  glance.

He looks at the traveler observing him closely, who  now looks lost back to the depths of his head where his voices would never reach.

‘ I want her to be with us. I want this pain to go away. More than me..Do you not want it that way?’ he asks.

‘I do. But…’ Raven answers instinctively like it has been set on his mind to answer that way..however he pauses again, realizing he is unable to answer the one question his exsistence depended upon. He withdraws.

‘Its always upto you. It was always yours and it will always be your decision to make. Don’t hurt yourself. Don’t hurt her. That demon tricked you onto this. What fair is this deal? You wanted hell fire and look you can’t even control the power. It controls you. I can see your aura changing. Lets hope no one else does..’Sebastian tries to get to him, his voice much louder this time much firmer. But it wouldnot  reach Raven, nomatter how many times he tried.

‘This will never end..’ he sighs,remembering the countless agonizing conversations they had in past.

‘You were fooled Raven and ..’

‘I will and I can control this!!’ the traveler stops Sebastian halfway his sentence, suddenly getting back upto his feet, like jolting away from heavy shackles that was tied onto his shoulders.

‘ Because I have to..there is no other way…’he shouts.

‘And with this power combined with mine,I have enough strength to bring her back  everytime. I can and I will snatch her  back again, away from  the judgement door. I promise I will not let her go. Never’.


‘Hey . are we done packing?’ laira asks timidly from the back, interrupting the two men, who seemed to her like two gorgeus men on middle of their heated loveydovey discussion.

‘Almost laira…Did you say goodbye to your boyfriend?’Sebastian winks at her,already calm and composed, as if the mental war they had just now did not take place or it did but it had no  residual effects on him . ‘And by the way what breed is he, your boyfriend I mean?’he adds concerned, his eyebrows narrowed locked to the boy with frizzly hair in highschool uniform far at a distance


40 thoughts on “Entwined 15 :)

    1. hahha Mr Ashiaki.. i didnot understand. what did u mean? is it about my profile picture?? hahah if if it is about it then..it happens that the look of my face painfully hurts some people hahah. and of course that is me 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ofcourse you should have seen it..you asked me to put it. I don think so coz i only kept a closeup look of my face 🙂
        Can u recognize anyone just by close up look of my face..if i had kept a more larger pic then u cud hav make out ok her sense of style is dis and dat. Hehe…but may be u could recognize me who knows 🙂
        Mr Ashiaki i don kno m jus curious about ur first love..the poem is so beautiful and sad..

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Thank you for accepting my request. Now I can feel I’m talking to someone, instead some mysterious being in darkness. About my first love? It’d take too many pages to write about – maybe infinite number of pages. It’s now deep down inside me and locked up there. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Oh its ok Mr Ashiakai you have never requested anything from me before so its only natural of me to do this. Hehe but u do realize with face out now..i have realized i can barely write personal things so will u forgive me if out of ordinary i change it back to wings? But donot wory i wil give you plenty time to remember my face 🙂
        oh its ok. i do understand. Afteral 1st loves are heart throbs and heart breaks. Believe me..i do. 🙂

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      4. Honestly I thought you’d put back on the photo of yours I had been familiar with – you know the one with a smartphone in hand? But you put on one that is quite different. Of course I’m not to say what you should do about what you want to do… This strange people-to-people relationship in the age of the internet… I don’t know why, but that’s what I feel…

        Liked by 1 person

      5. I understand Mr Ashiaki 🙂
        um i hav those kind of photos ut with people so i could not put it. This one is easier since its alredy out 🙂 So u mean You like to know what the person next looks like wen you talk 🙂

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      6. What is “ut”? I’ve been familiar with the previous pic and it has always be you. The sudden change made me think I was talking to something rather than someone unknown. The latest one was new to me. I just couldn’t talk anymore as I used to… 🙂

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      7. I believe you. I never doubted you. It’s just that the current pic is not only so beautiful but it’s so attractive. I doubted myself that I was really allowed to talk with such beautiful woman. You said “ut” in your previous comment, It must have been a typo. 🙂

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      8. Oh you flatter me Mr Ashiaki. Hahah tho i would know men as humble as yourself would definately not waste a time to pass good coments. But i believe you 🙂
        And of course coz u r my gran pa hehe

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      9. When you get around to my age, you’ll know you’ll have no more time left to waste by saying things you don’t really mean. Wasting of such a precious time is a sin. Keep the photo on so I can see it every morning. It’s an honor to be called a grandpa by a girl like you. 🙂

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      10. Aw Mr Ashiaki its always good to hear from you and i would say it again and again so you would know how it feels. Yes i’m a person who believes good things are sin to be hidden not said.Atleast to say it aloud and never be late 🙂 Sure i would. Hahah beware granpa you might get bored of my face and start wishing i shouldn’t have said that hahha. Its funny thing i hav visisted your blog so many times before but i didnot see the poetry section. i was thrilled to find it today 🙂

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      11. I’m glad you decided to keep it on. I assure you I’ll never get bored like one can never get bored of seeing something beautiful like flowers. I’m so pleased if you read what I write. I always try to write it down whatever that comes to mind as it is. I think it is poetry. 🙂

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      12. Um i would love to read. I just loved your poem on ‘first love’. Made me sad to think about you. Not to mention over my ownself.
        But life moves on. Cheers to beautiful life 🙂

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  1. Better as I move on missmonsoon, you learn from each chapter you write. The descriptive dialogue between the two was also catchy. At this point I’m starting to feel bad for Laira because the Travelers promise is becoming her pain as that other guy put it, and her boyfriend will pay too.
    On a side note, readers are probably intrigued with your comment dialogue, is that another book or just your inspiration. I’m so nosey, I’m sorry missmonsoon, I will only stick to what origionally caught my eye from now on. ;o)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you. I am trying to be. It actually nice to think som1 out there reads ur story 🙂 hmm ur right..ur getting the whole complexity of this story..such keen eye Joker..
      Wel dats another story although without an opening or ending..i didnt even realize they were there hahha. Thats alright. I wil hav to sthg about em 🙂


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