Entwined 13 :)


‘Only two…’ laira shouts jumping with joy after a moment, presenting the icecream packs proudly to the traveler, who smiles back at her, hinting it was a job well done. Unfortunately for her though, it was the worst thing she could have said that day. Ghastly eyes now looked at her with anger and  hatred.

‘Curse you..’ she heard the girl at the back of the queue.

Oh no..that one looks like she will make my voodoo doll tonight ..laira gulps.

You heard the lady. We have no icecream to sell now. We are officially closed my dears’ Sebastian announces to the disheartened mob, who now were buzzing like angry bees, from whom honey had just been stolen.

‘We are thankful to all of you. Especially thankful to those who  devoted us such  precious time to stand on queue on this hot summer day and still managed to purchase our icecreams 5-6 times’.

‘And also we are very sorry to say that since we are new on the town, we donot have a proper contact address yet..to be in touch’ .

‘No…’the crowd moans with disatisfaction while Sebastian gives a fanciful bow as an sincere apology.

‘But ladies’ continues Sebastian. ‘As long as we remember each other everything is worth it. Don’t you think so?’ he winks, another one of charismatic outplay.

‘yes..we will miss you’ cries the overwhelmed cupid’s arrow struck crowd in monotonus voice.

‘And I always save best part for the last…’

‘I  know you had been waiting to hear him speak too. I present you,my younger brother..’he announces  taking traveler by surprise.

‘yeah..’ the Crowd applauds with excitement, grateful for new turn of events. Departing will be much easier if man in double black also had something to say, some lovely words perhaps ..they thought.

On hearing the announcement Laira, who had been busy packing stuff straightens up too. She is also curious to hear what  ‘the man of silence’ had to  say about today.


Noticing everyones eyes on him now, the traveler lets out a long sigh. He stops his cleaning chores, gently drops the cleaning cloth on the desk and throws  an uneasy smile. Sebastian smiles, locking his eyes with him, almost enjoying being threatened telepathically. However, the traveler  settles up to his mood after a moment, walks up to the front desk and clears his throat to address the crowd.

‘Never too old for icecreams’ he says, his voice deep with hypnotic enchantment.

‘Please remember this day and  remember us specially’ he adds, with  his lips curved to flash one of his rarer  exquisite smiles and eyes sparkling with affection.

Wooooo wwooo.. the crowd  thunders , from pindrop silence to a pack of werewolves  howling.

‘I might just collapse here’ the girl on the front screams


15 thoughts on “Entwined 13 :)

      1. Haha, answering a question with a question and me without a answer. I’m not a charmer so I wouldn’t know but you would. You can be charming with your post and compliments. I think Laira is just struck right now, that’s why reading reveals answers.

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      2. That’s why people have to read, it all comes together in the end page. It could be a bad beginning, a messy middle but it all gets explained in the end and that’s what makes the read so good for readers. I’m sure everyone is happy reading it, I am. Fun brain.

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      3. Wel ur a ego booster too..r u doin dat on purpose hahha. I m hyped on writing now..thanks to you. Yeah it wud b funny n messy to leave things hanging ur right 🙂
        Hav u evn strted writing ur story??

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      4. An ego booster, no, I am an opinion giver. an opinion giver that is simply reading an amazing story at the time. I thank you for your inspirational comment, you’re to kind.
        Not all hanging things are bad as long as they’re not left that way I should say. This story is such a leap and bound jump from cool to good to awesome….each chapter gets better, for real. I am enjoying it.
        I have started working on mines, sometimes I step away and collect thoughts but I get back to it….mines in in the works also. thank you for you inquiry. My chapters are rather long so it takes me a while. :o(

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      5. Honestly i alredy think. After reading yours i wil feel like a 1o yr old writing a story coz wen i went back to read my first chapter now..i feel so ashamed thinking wat am i even writing…but then since i hav alrdy strtd this..it is against my own rule to leave it just like dat..hahha so i work once in a while. U comentin on it makes me wonder how did u evn find it intrestjnh n stuf..hahha. this is gona b last..i may never write again. Hahha. I loved telling stories wen i was a child..i read alot of books all sorta fiction n bla bla. And then i usualy sat wid old n hear their tales. And all these demons angels fairies witch vamp wolves ghost got into me..hahhah

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      6. My writing shouldn’t make anyone, including yourself feel inferior, I use the same pen and paper everyone else does. First chapters are like newborns, they are not running when they hit the ground, it takes time and as I get more into your story, it’s actually carrying me now…that’s how far along you have come.
        I am into vampires, warewolves, magic powers and a lot of fantasy stuff that can take your mind away sometimes and when I started reading your blog, it was cool. now, I am mind blown and that’s just from the story, some of your other writings have so much feeling and emotion that readers gotta sit back and think cause they can probably relate. Never quit on nothing missmonsoon, I don’t like quitters, they never win….don’t quit on nothin, unless your heart isn’t in it. Then, if it isn’t, one shouldn’t have started in the first place, huh?
        I always liked reading and writing, you outgrow clothes, shoes and fads but rarely habits. So I too am into that stuff like you…weird but normal.

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      7. Hmm hahhah…you are right. i hav come far..with what i started hahha. Hmm ever heard people say ‘sometimes in life u feel so much and then and there nothing like nothing at all’. You can’t have. coz i sayingg it lol. it sorta like that wen emotions fill up u write and spill all over it till it empties. thats what all ur feeling. hahah nah..i casted some enchntment spell to my blogs. the perks of being a witch heheh. You are right u can’t outgrow habits. Reading is a boring habit i must confess. But i usually chase books that are funny and crzy…More of these scifi and fantasy books are coz i try to avoid sad stories, movies, dramas and everything like that.

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      8. You have come far from when I first started reading and I plan on going farther into you and your stuff, like I said, people never notice what other people see.
        I haven’t heard that saying, but I have read it!!! Hahaha!!!! from you. Out of curiousity, I went over to your boyfriends blog page, he has some unique writings to….I geuss I’ll find feeling on any poetry page I visit but I’m starting to get what you mean when you say pour all your feelings into your writing, but that is what makes you as a writer. Some other blogs I read are either fueled by emotion or lead by them.
        Enchanting spell on your blog huh, well, Jokes on you because I’m not easily hypnotized by sourceror, witch or enchantress. I didn’t say it couldn’t happen, I just said it’s not easy. ;o)
        I can’t call reading boring especially if I can relate and automatically identify with a character, that’s when the fun starts cause it feels like you are a character in the book. I like sci fi movies more than the books but some movies can’t compare to the books I read. Right now, I’m reading a really good book I can’t put down….it’s called “Entwined”.

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      9. Ur that curious that u read my bf’s blog huh? hahha.. i must say there are only handful of people who are that curious..either curiously curious or dangerous curious which one is you? Yeah, he is very good with writings. Your writing style matches his. i couldn’t tell apart from your first blog who wrote it. A lot of thing matches. But we aren discusing that although i hav a feeling ur curious. they say curiosity killed the cat. if u ask me, i would tell ‘you are willy aren’t you???’ but i wouldn say. u hav alredy confirmed ur a dfrent person hahah. ps- don want to compare ghollum wid martian. two difrent worlds. hahaha. u are alys lookin to pump me aren u..m floating like baloon alredy..haha

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      10. I am both, a reader and a curious soul…don’t know if that’s a good combination. I would probably consider myself a dangerous curious type because I shouldn’t be venturing into uncharted waters so much. He is a rather wordy type, although I don’t mean to criticize your boyfriend, my one liners are probably better, that’s just opinion.
        I am curious because of the comparrisons, you two’s comments back and forth and like I said, to be put on a level with him is an honor but….I don’t want that to be a bad thing. So, do I look like this willy, I can’t tell cause he’s wearing a mask. haha (sorry) but yes, curious but not nosey which is why I will stick to an interesting subject like you’re writing or me. But…the more comfortable you get on my planet….who knows….maybe he’ll come and snatch you off. haha
        Gholums and martians? I guess they can look alike.
        I am not blowing you up or pumping you up, I just clearly see what others can’t see in themselves. I can’t compliment your story, writing style, AND IMAGINATION ENOUGH!!!


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