Entwined 14 :)


‘Hey laira…closing up?’ yanjas  calls out running from a distance on his high school uniform.

‘Yes’ she replies.

‘Aw..its such a hot summer. Really wanted to try one of those..heard girls down the corner talking about the stall and..two guys’ he says panting, his hands stretched at elbow joint, bending low.

That would be us’ Sebastian smirks inside his head, waiting for chance to pawn at the boy any moment now.

‘Oh Sebastian..this is yanjas’ introduces laira, noticing his uncomfortable presence, looking at him stare at the boy in uniform. However to her dismay, Sebastian seems ignorant, unlike his usual kind self.

‘laira, you have only half an hour till we pack’ he says sternly. Then, storms away looking as elegant as he could have managed to, after proudly presenting himself  inbetween them, like the great wall of china.


‘Don’t look at her like that. You pedophile’ Sebastian chuckles, extending his hand to pass an icecream to the traveler.

‘She is so happy’ the traveler remarks ignorant of Sebastian’s comment, his eyes fixed at laira’s face,who was now sitting together with yanjas,  visiblly blushing.

‘Its obvious..she is crazy for that guy. And I don’t like it. ’ Sebastian remarks, frowning,  digging back to his icecream.

‘were you that crazy too?’ he questions after a moment curiously.

‘I was more than just crazy’ replies traveler, his eyes still fixed at laira.

‘She was 12 when I first met her. The new girl in the neighbourhood. Everyone wanted to be her friend. But she was just too shy. I liked her from the very first day’ he unfolds, as he tries to remember the events that happened, what now seemed like more than 100yrs ago.

‘And then I would wait to pass by  infront of her gate everytime she appeared so that I could talk to her. I was alone and so was she..’he continues.

‘And we did become good friends. And then one day I lost her’ the traveler pauses, like accidently reading a page out of a storybook he never wanted to know.

‘It was an RTA. Wasn’t it? Accident I mean, the cause of her death the first time’ Sebastian asks.

‘No’ the traveler shooks his head. ‘Even before that.. I lost her.’

‘Because.. I murdered my mom…’

the traveler lets out each of his words hesitatingly, slowely  and carefully, gasping for breath in between,utterly  scared to the very depths of  the pitch darkness this guilt made him feel inside.He clenches his fists and withdraws to the pain his sullen heart made him feel..curled up against the cold wall, covering his face with his hands while Sebastian looked mournfully at his guilty soul.


6 thoughts on “Entwined 14 :)

  1. Seems like they are both fighting for her hand or her soul. Does she know she is a reincarnate? Never mind, I’ll keep reading.
    So I remind you of your boyfriend, I’m honored even more but I don’t want to cause drama. Is it okay if I post my comments? I don’t want him taking it out on you. Let him know I just like to read.😕

    Liked by 1 person

    1. FUNNY!!Haha now dat was a serious rib cracker. No wories u can coment. Its nothing like dat.
      Hmm yah dey are kinda tempted..its more like a story that is driven by obsession of one man..Raven. He cant let go.. sthg like dat…hehe 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Not thata i think of..i havent gone back re reading coz then i wil start editing and lord knows wat and where i wil change the whole story hahha. But no yet i havn changed or skipped anything. Lets say Raven is obsessed and Sebas is intrested..he sees her fragile and like a puppet for raven n feels sorry but then it gets complicated hehe 🙂


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