Love is more beautiful that way.



I wince with pain

Somewhere inside heart aches

But I won’t allow tears to fall

No..No because

You never wore and you will never be my mistake to regret.


Uncover me, I’ll let you all along

In a hope you wil let me uncover you too

Removing your veil..coming out of you secrets

Out of your blues..


Ah it hurts..i let out a long sigh silently inside

But I smile, feeling pleased knowing you find joy

Dismembering me.. piece by piece

In a want to belong..somewhere safe and at ease.


Why not? Heart asks..Heart whines

Will you not hold the moment by?

No..i say, staring back at my mundane black eyes

Coz love is more beautiful that way..’

I will protect him..i will love him limitlessly..

‘the words I said’ that I will never understand myself.


6 thoughts on “Love is more beautiful that way.

  1. Share with me your strength to stop tears
    Aches, whatever they are sort of,
    Are part of life we all have to bear
    But you only wince without tears

    I can hear your long sigh inside
    But your smile sends me your strength
    That help me also endure my aches in heart
    And I smile – we both smile

    Whatever the aches
    No need of seeking for a place to be safe
    For such a place is right where you are
    No matter how far apart, we both are there

    You are right that is love
    You are loved as much as you love
    You are in his heart
    As he is in your heart

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