Entwined 12 :)


Its not that laira didn’t believe in luck. She did. She even believed that someday she would walk in..like literally walk in,into bundle of fortunes.

She had even thought of what she would do with all that money, starting with ‘sleeping in a couch full of money’ like that ‘richierich’ cartoon character had done in the show.  Next, she had thought of hiring a loyal assistant who’d all the maths part.. counting her money, making some good investments, letting her know how much profits they were making and most importantly telling her on day to day basis how rich she was.

‘Also I will need an assistant just for shopping’ she often humored herself, ‘someone who’d carry all my shopping bags while I am busy showing off my mean rich girl attitude’.

But as much as she wanted to believe, laira also knew it was ridiculous.

‘Hard work is the only answer. And even with that, you little girl will only make enough for your living’ her mother had  recently confronted her, shaking her off from those silly bubbles, for her own good.


Mom wouldn’t believe it.. if she saw what I am seeing now..

 fortune cookies!! Laira  yelps, dropping  her jaws, looking at the cash box that was now overflowing with money.

And they even doubled the cash of these icecream cones just half and hour later..none of us could pull that off ..she sighs, thinking of last time they had icecream parlour on school festival.

Suddenly breaking her streams of thoughts, man on double black, whispers to her ‘At this rate we will run out of our icecreams very soon’

He fixes his eyes  at the long queue of girls waiting impatiently to be at the front desk, sensing trouble.

‘May be I should do that. You check how many stocks we have left’

Swiftly taking off icecream cones from  laira’s hand he starts digging in for scoops himself.

It was all so sudden and he had said it so softly that laira heard almost nothing. ‘Check icecreams’ she was preety sure she heard those words atleast. However that wasn’t the corncern right now. Corncern was, they had just touched hands.

The touch, even though it was a very brief period, ran high volts of electric signals to  laira’s system and had shut her down like a malfunctioned computer.

‘Laira laira..are you listening to me’ the voice, reboots her back to life.

‘yes’ she replies hysterically and  runs inside the van to check  their stocks, stumbles twice on the ground and hits once on the door.



15 thoughts on “Entwined 12 :)

  1. I haven’t yet read the earlier part of Entwined, but are in London now “Trying to start from scratch…” thinking you might someday walk into a bundle of fortunes like Laira believed she might? Or some kind of a life you had thought of before? Are you going to make London your home from now on? Forgive me if I sounded a little too inquisitive, but I couldn’t help asking. I wish I were young again to try to re-start my life from scratch. Let me wish you good luck!

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    1. Yes Mr Ashiaki. wel plan is make london new home. lets see wat happens. yah wil have to start everything from scratch. but its difficult alredy adjusting..but not giving up. yes Mr Ashiaki as laira believes i believe too someday i wil walk in bundles of fortune. Thank you Mr Ashiaki. i don think entwined wil intrest you much it is more of a teen anime fiction 🙂

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      1. Forgive me for being inquisitive a little more. Is your medical license good in Britain, too. Can you practice medicine in London. If you can, I have nothing to worry about by granddaughter… you know? You’d have the basis at least for making a living… My wife and I visited London a couple of time. At one time my wife had an acute belly ache and we had to call a doctor to the hotel. If something like that happens again, it could be you to visit us at the hotel… 🙂

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      2. No i am sorry Mr Ashikaki. it’s not gona work here. beside m a junior doctor. i need to retake the license exam after goin through all the criterias here then start again with junior officer jjob then i wil get to study higher level like post graduate. then perhaps i wil settle well. But m sorry to say i am not qualified yet 😦

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      3. I’m sorry to hear that. But I hope – I’m certain rather – you’ll do OK anything you do what you want to do there. I wish you all the luck in the world. I’m sure a girl like you will succeed in anything she wants to do. 🙂

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      4. Thank you for saying so. I feel my health has rapidly declining since I had the severe asthma attack. I hope I can visit your office for treatment when you are ready. So be ready in time. 🙂

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      5. You need to be stand by with inahlers always. and take your mediaction strictly on time. try not doin excercise alot..avoid anything allergic. warm foods before eating..u should stick to these Mr Ashiaki then u wil be fine. I am studying Mr Ashiaki it will take me time. i need to work too to get the fees for everything hehhe. But yes i will b ready 🙂

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      6. Thank you for the advice, doc. I will follow it. My doc at the hospital said my condition is now table and I’ll be transferred to a local doctor for regular checkup. It must be a way passed midnight there. Have a good sleep. You need it for carrying on study plus work. Let me know how you are doing from time to time. OK? Have a nice dream. 🙂

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      7. Its good to hear you are bejng tsansfered to loxal health centre. Everything wil b alright Mr Ashiaki. Yes i wil tel u about how is it going time to time.u can count me in.. u too please keep updating 🙂

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