Asian parents :(


And we were playing badminton ‘me and my sister’. When a group of boys came in and asked if they would play with us. we agreed coz well we have never been talked to before. But dad caught us playing..staring at us up  from verandah.

From next day he wouldn’t let us come out and play at all.


And he called, that little guy when i was a little girl. we were penpals, a first guyfriend i ever had. And he was nice. But that first ph call was a bad omen. I got slapped so hard by my mom that i virtually stopped talking to him. Now i look back i just laugh. we are still friends though..

And since my dad was in an army. Dad would only want us girls to wear combact pants not that we didn’t adore it and we always wore it but well changing to jeans..was a war. Even now, dad will often say to me ‘why wear something that hardly lets your skin breath’. See me wearing sorts and he will just kill me. hahahha


Let me not even start with my discovery of, my sister’s bf by my mom. We couldn’t even show our face to anyone we had that many bruises on our face and patches of hair lost on our head hahaha

And the funniest thing was when i was just 15..i packed all my bags, put together all the bed sheets to jump out of the window to leave the house. But my lil sister cried so hard i couldn’t leave.


And there are many things..i will tell others too someday.

Tell me if your life was suffocating…


19 thoughts on “Asian parents :(

  1. hahaha

    I were there seeing you girls were playing badminton,
    I’d ask to let me play.
    I wouldn’t play but only pretend to play badminton
    until your dad’s attention was distracted to a woman walking by
    or something.
    Then I wouldn’t miss that chance to snatch you away.
    Your dad would only see the racket and a shuttlecock but not you.
    Your dad might then look sad like crazy, but you might want some freedom, too.


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      1. Dads instinctively tend to protect their daughters because they think most of other guys in the world are wolves like themselves. And they are right in thinking so, too. But the problem is girls can’t be kept in the house forever. They must go out freely sometime to live their own lives. Girls can learn it themselves. Right? Missmonsoon. And it’s not just Asian parents. All parents are in different ways.

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      2. hahah yes you are right Mr Ashiaki. very true indeed but we cant alys be stuck in pur house. we cant even go to friends, when we are about to leave any place like a bday party or something he behaves like an eye shore. Unless its school or library or educationla progams he wouldn even let us come down to 1st floor from our third floor room.

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      3. I can’t believe it’s that dangerous for girls in your country. It’s like American colleges. Many female students are assaulted by male students there. I’d imagine the situation is alike wherever you go in this world now. I always hear of sexual harassment nowadays. I know how difficult it is for a man to control himself, too, though. We seem to need to do lots of work to make this world a safe place for humans to live. Yes, we are humans, not wild animals.

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      4. haha yes of course there are crazy people alys around. But our parents in particular were very strict though i wud never deny they always did everything they could for us. They sacrificed a lot for us. But somehow i wouldn’t say we had a fun childhood. we had very controlled childhood.

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      5. hahaha Sorry to hear that you are a “doll in a box.” But your parents are so dedicated to you to let you go through the school to get a medical degree. You can’t get something for free, you know? Your future is starting now. You are a very intelligent person. I’m sure you can open up a life most enjoyable for you. It’s a quiet Sunday here. I’d imagine you have a day off today. Maybe you can have at least a moment of your own time now. You know I do talking with you. 🙂

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      6. Yes Mr Ashiaki. I am very fond of my parents..but more than that i am grateful for all the things they have done and sacrificedfor us. Yes i know it is to me now to start everything over for myself. Yah i did hav a break off.. tho i am on break studying. i went to central london today to visit around 🙂

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      7. Yeah Mr Ashiaki i am in london now. Trying to start from scratch here..BUt i can only drag a little at a time being camellion adapting anywhere hahah. Yah i will do that. always looking forward to ur response 🙂

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