Birds fly in the sky
I am a penguin
I dive
deep into the sea
Because thats my height..
the only place, i can fly.


21 thoughts on “Birds..

      1. You remind me of one of the doctors who saved my life when I had the massive asthma attack that night. If the attacked lasted for 5 minuets I would be dead or incurably paralyzed. But a series of coincidences and their speedy treatment saved my life. After the drama was over, the doc said there was something working behind the saga that I survived. I asked her, “You docs are supposed to be scientists but still talk like that?” And she said, “There is so much unknown to us.” I wanted to see that doc again to properly thank her, but I was unable to find which hospital she has gone to.

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      2. Um perhaps c does alredy know you wer grateful. Don mis d opurtunity tho wen u find her. Evry1 now and then needs some1 to praise. Ofcours there is alys som1 greator i belib that too. And no mater wat scientist wud say. I wud lik to belib 🙂

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      3. This strange world – or universe? If you were a girl next door, we probably never started to talking to each other. But since I came to know you only through words on the internet, you are a powerful existence in my life. Is that by some 1 greater? Must be so. 🙂

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      4. Its basically internet. But yes i do think peopl are destined to meet. Otherwise imagine Mr Ashiaki there are more than 7bilion people in this world..thousands of them writing blog and i meet you. Surely the meeting chanc is alys low but we did. If you hadn met me u’d hav met som1 🙂

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      5. I love to read your poems.
        You say you wright messy poems.
        But all poems must be messy
        For poems must be the reflection of poets’ true heart
        How can true heat be not messy?
        Our heart is the primeval soup out of which all things come out.
        What can come out if it’s not messy?

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      6. The 5-7-5 rhythm in Japanese (no cluster of consonants) must have permeated through the mind of all the Japanese speaking people. It comes out so naturally it sounds like well plotted.

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      7. Saying things (jokes or anything) to each other in a group has been a sort of a party game people have been doing for hundreds of years. Basho is the one who developed it to an art form, which was later to be called haiku poem. So there was no such a word as “haiku” in Basho’s days. Saying things in the 5-7-5 rhythm is popular here also today – part of our life. And some people call all of such sayings haiku, regardless if they are artistic or not.

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      8. A long time ago when they didn’t have TV, Movie or even smartphones, it was a good pass time for the young people to get together to exchange words in some the rhythmic form. Today the young people have many other things to do, but the trend of using the rhythmic way of saying is still alive like a public of senryu (saying of humorous things in the same rhythm) contests on TV or newspapers, etc.

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