Entwined 11 :)


‘Hmph. That irritating kid’ frowns  the traveler as he  looks into an old magical mirror, hung neatly in Sebastian’s room.

‘Ah..its so nice. Young love and passion. How come I never had that thing when I was young. Laira can’t even talk to the guy. Thats so cute’ Sebastian hovers around the mirror excitedly, back and forth like an ADHD kid.

Sounds of glass shattering to pieces however breaks his excitement .

‘Don’t break any more glasses please..you know how much I love to see myself in mirror’ he pleads, pouting his face.

‘Besides..’ he says again, his eyes  shrewdly focused at  traveler now ‘Don’t you believe, beauty did fall in love with the beast’.


‘Hey little lady’ asks a young man to laira, who was now walking down the road like a  zombie.

‘Yes’ she says looking lost.

‘Would you help us to sell these icecreams? We are newbies on the town and this is our first stall. We are really nervous..’ he says bending down low, looking closer at her face.

‘Umm…I..’ laira stammers, feeling trapped as she stares at the man, whose large blue eyes and  beautiful blonde hair makes it iresistible to look away.

‘And this is my friend’ he  introduces a man standing next to him.

‘Hello’ the man says, looking at her as she drags her eyes forcibly  off the beautiful crystal blue to him. ‘Hello’ she replies, her pupils getting wider, looking back to his deep black eyes and raven black hair, strands of which fell perfectly on his forehead.

‘Want to help us?’ he asks.

‘Yes’ she replies, after a long pause.

‘I can’t believe I had to whip her bums to let a sound out’ speaks little devil laira in disbelief.

‘I can’t believe guys looking this good even exsists’ little good laira in white frock says timidly.

Which one did you think she fell for?’ chuckles Sebastian with a evil grin, coaxing the traveler, communicating via his telepathic mind.


‘We are way much better than that dumb kiddo ..with his brown muscular body, frizzly cool black hair and brown eyes..’ he rants  with  frustration clearly ringing on his tone.



‘Oh look..they are so hot’ a girl from a pack of higschool teens, lets out a shrill cry.

And no sooner she had said it, the stall swarms with girls ‘all lionesses purring with hunger of attention’.

No…’ sighs laira panicking, ‘this could be even bigger than the world wars..’

However, to her surprise, the guys  look cool headed. ‘Relax sweetie’ Sebastian winks his eyes to her.

‘One at a time beautiful ladies’ he refers politely to  the uncontrolled mob, giving away his deliberately placed, flawless charismatic smile.

The ultimate weapon ..shudders laira



29 thoughts on “Entwined 11 :)

    1. like i said there are so many loopholes. its like laira dosent remember when she crosses difrent worlds. so that she can live her separate lives in two diffrent worlds as dfrent person thing. 🙂
      i am a mess. amn’t i? thats why i havn’t dared to add morechapters. the more i write the more messier it seems to me hahha 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Every book has loopholes, take it from a reader. I guess I just failed to read that she was an Astro Plane type of girl, unless it comes later in the story that I haven’t reached. Maybe, I should just shut up and read, huh?
        No, you’re not a mess at all, you’ll only be a mess if you stop. It’s okay to step away but don’t step to where you forget where you started.
        You’re doing great, I love it so far and it seems like others do to so don’t get discouraged…another thing I learned. your version of a mess may be clean to others. unless it’s like a room or something. hahaha

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Hmm haha no..its not your fault. i forget often taht only i know the story and people don’t lol. i read somewhere that if u hav to express..if you ahve to explain you have to assume that the other person knows nothing at all. Hmm u actually boosting my ego strok too. i ma write preety soon then 🙂 Hopeful i kip u entertained. Ah believ me ‘Mess’ is like a synonym in my life. wat type are you?

        Liked by 1 person

      3. That’s how it should be, you should be the only one that knows what’s coming, nothing wrong there. That’s correct, that’s why writers explain, describe and express because the reader should know nothing which is why I keep asking questions so you’re doing it right….very right.
        You don’t need nothing stroked, you’re good already, like I said, if you can get one persons attention then your ego is well groomed….yours is good. ;o)
        You are keeping me entertained or else I wouldn’t be here or reading your stuff.
        What’s my type, am I a Mess, a Joke, or a Nut….all of the above because Jokers aren’t neat nuts. I am a Cancer so I guess I can be crabby. Haha
        Your imagination is strong.

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Hahhaah i can tell u may not be a cancer but ur ‘near cancer’ personality. Belib me my imagination is strong..if imagination could kill i would be world class criminal..may not be criminal but u know..i got preety good imagination. And i can spend hours boosting my imagination feeding my brain all the nonsense haha

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      5. If imagination could kill, you’d be on death row huh? I heard that on a television program. A active imagination equals a strong mind they say. Nonsense is the best food for a hungry active mind. Seems it can starve at times.

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      6. oh well mine dosen’t starve. its always on the run. so i try switching it off when i look at the wall sorta like how robots switch their power off haha. and yeah when my friends talk. i just hav to listen. there is nothing in my brain that can grasp what they gossip about. ever had that moment when you went just blank on yur head? 🙂

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      7. I don’t think your imagination is hungry, you seem to feed it plenty. It’s impossible to switch your imagination totally off, even when it’s off, it’s on. Haha.
        Listening is always good, you learn a lot from listening but hey, talk about what you want to talk about too, don’t just be a spectator….that’s why I don’t mind questions, if people talk about what they both want to talk about, it makes a better conversation.
        I’ve had plenty of moments when I just drew a blank in my head….I call it Brain Freeze! Haha!! From the Deck of the Joker!

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      8. Yeah ur right u can’t jus switch off imagination. Its runnin 24/7. N ur also right talking out does strike bettr conversation. Don wry hahah i don hav my mouths sealed i often throw intresting comments on the floor lol. Sometimes people hav dfrent intrest on dfren topics..u hav to agree on that. So listening both ways helps 🙂

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      9. Imagination is like personality, it’s something that is always on. I’m not right about my statements because I think you feel the same way too, so you should say we both agree on it. Don’t worry, If I see a comment on the floor, I’ll pick it up, common interest, even if it’s small can carry a conversation. Different interest is what makes people alike in my opinion because by being different, they learn how much they really have in common, so I do agree with you that people have different interest, but that doesn’t mean they can’t co exist on “Hot Topics”. *reference to a store joke*
        Listening is the key, you’ll be amazed at what you can hear if you listen. Haha, but I get the feeling I’m just blowing up balloons because by your responses, I know you’re listening and you may even know more than you’re letting on.

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      10. Hmm i wonder wat i am listening to..and wht should i listen too??if u listen to everyword people say they mit cloud your mind.Rumors could hav some truth but are surely based on lies.. I am a simple person i listen to stufs tht is said to me on person. I mit want to belive wat i hear but i wont. Its always just hypothesis until its proved. So i wall it off. Don wana hear things and disturb my peace that dosent matter. Thats another mano. Joker. I hav learned ..ignorance can be a bliss 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      11. If you have to wonder what to listen to and what you should listen to, then you’re not hearing yourself!🙂. It’s everyone right to believe what they want, some people use lies to expose the truth while others use lies to cover the truth up.*V for Vendetta excert*
        True, proof is everything but you control what proof you’re willing to accept. That sounded cool. I sometimes do what you do but you’re right, ignorance can be bliss. I like your mantras missmonsoon.

        Liked by 1 person

      12. I have made two-three strict mantras in my life that i am hoping guides me for life. you already kno two of them..now only a handful left haha. Hmm..wonder when is the last time i heard myself? coz i remember the last time i did i landed in preety much down the hill state. when u listen its either the brain or the heart. when they don come to understanding u hav to ignore them..getting crazy while u still look this good sucke 😉 lol. Many times ignorance is a bliss. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      13. A handful is all you need to get through, the ones you use are at the tip of your fingers. Haha. I listen to myself a lot, if I don’t then I really start to annoy me.🙂
        When the brain and heart can’t agree, you don’t ignore them, I usually pick one. Brain works on emotion, the heart on feelings but they usually co exist with the voices in your head I’m told.
        Your a confident person when it comes to your looks, that’s good, it means your outside matches your inside. Mines is backwards, I look okay on the inside, horrible on the outside. You can call me Mr. Hyde because I hide my face…..get it?🙂. Ignorance can also just be innocent, kinda like Laira.

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      14. Hahah confidence..am i confident with how i look?? hmm..did i not emphasize well my ghollum features? i am not actually confident but i also kno i don look that bad .. I don’t think you would look like that. A person who looks good on the inside can’t be bad on the outside. i disagree!! Beside if u ask me i would rather prefer a person who knows me and judges me for what i am than how i look. Maybe physical appearance does have advantage for many but at the end of the day u alys want to be next to people who warms ur heart. and if u still think u don look good enough hahah..don wry i am also on the same plane 🙂 m jus on denial phase lol. haha. yeah i get u Mr Hyde..

        Liked by 1 person

      15. Thayts good to be a confidence carrier with how you look and feel, and thank you for the ego boaster again. I don’t believe looks are important either except when it comes to food. If something looks rotten I won’t eat it. But people, looks are nothing because there is so much more to offer. Appearance works for some and that’s only because who sees them isn’t looking far enough, inside they’re ugly. Features don’t connect a person, you only know half of what I look like but you treat me as a whole person, you’re genuine and you, your attitude and humor is what I like. I look for everything inside a person, the rest shuffles in. I’m in denial with my looks to, it’s called The State of Delusion.

        Liked by 1 person

      16. Yep, one of a kind, you are too. You are one of the cards in my deck, it even shows on my page so don’t worry, jokers like interesting people and you are among them. And of course, your blog is cool.

        Liked by 1 person

      17. Chubby smile, haha…funny description of a smile. Don’t worry about the teeth setting, there isn’t an emo in the world that can describe my smile. Hahaha!!! All that matters is that you are smiling.

        Liked by 1 person

      18. You know what they say, if someone is making you smile, then they are keepers so you will stay in my deck missmonsoon and I hope you’ll buy a house on Planet Strange and stay a while. ;o)
        I don’t slay conversations, I’m like Oscar, I slay sharks. *Shark Tale reference* I like to filet, not slay. ;o)

        Liked by 1 person

      19. hahha although i havn seen shark tale. i must hit netflix soon that means. A house haha..hmm sure. Do u hav excatly the one that fits my discrition? i love the planet but if the house dosen’t fit my discription i mit hav problem making my mind..i hav a very specific house on my mind hahah

        Liked by 1 person

      20. Everyone has preferences but it’s a good funny show, check it out if you can.
        Well, I don’t have a house that fits your description because I don’t know what it is. It’s okay to like the planet and leave if you like, the Planet loves it’s residence but knows it can’t make them stay, people come and go.
        But, for certain reesidents, I might be willing to “build to suit”. Like I said before, it’s a people planet.
        What kinda house do I have to build for you? It also helps if the person helps me build their house, takes away the guessing work. ;o)

        Liked by 1 person

      21. Hmm build to suit..Now thats a generous mayor. I alredy like the planet now build to suit policy makes me love it. lets see..i would like a two storey house with a sloping roof, front door coming to a porch and then to an open front big garden with cute little white fences..and a tree in the middle where there are birdie houses two or three hanging and 1/2 lamps for the night and …..well m sure for now you can work on that part lol. for complete ‘build to suit’ detail i wil explain more once ur ready for building 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      22. Love a tenant who knows what they want….I will get busy on that for you, and I’ll even throw in vaulted ceilings. i’ll get my brain guys on it and keep throwing your ideal resident ideas. I’m building if you are staying…..I want happy residents.


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