Entwined 11 :)

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‘Just the same another day again’ laira sighs looking over to the glass window pane as Miss Kiran continues to teach the class, on top of  her voice.

‘Summer vacation starts from tomorrow. what will I do this time? I don’t even have any plans yet..and its so long… 1 month!’ she exclaims, clutching her skirts, zoning out.

‘Heart has 4 chambers, 2 atrium and 2 ventricles’ a high pitch voice, next to her ear, suddenly startles laira. She looks over with a horrified face, only to find a  short thin  figure standing right  infront of her, smiling.

She gasps, for laira knew this was a smile, that a hunter gave when she spotted her prey.

‘How can something so small be so scary…..’she screams on top of her lungs inside her head as  cold shivers run down her spines.

Having seen that the student is back in her senses, Miss Kiran adjust her specs in her sharp nose, annoyingly  points the  picture of heart on laira’s biology book and walks off.

‘Oh…heart! Yes heart..heart’ laira stammers still perplexed, as her classmates giggle softly in the background, enjoying the encounter.

‘laira, don’t zone out so much when you are in a class. You will get in trouble one day’ shouts Keisha, her classmate and also her dear friend, when they part different ways after school.

‘Sure’ laira replies, embarrassed and thankful that it was the last class of the day.

She throws her bag into the floor as soon as she gets into her room and snuggles inside her bed.

‘Won’t have to wake again so early in the morning’ she smiles.

Sounds of glasses crashing on the floor echoes the house followed by loud noises of two adults quaralling.

‘Oh Dad and Mom are fighting ..Never mind them. Nothing new to worry about’ she says, as she forces herself back to sleep.

Another sound of something hitting the floor wakes laira up. ‘ Today is my birthday you know’ she says to the teddy bear lying motionlessly in the bed.. ‘Isn’t it so sad..nobody remembers it’.

She holds the teddy bear tight into her arms, thinking in her head, if she could just find a genie who could turn her life upside and down  with his clipclap.

‘laira’  ‘Happy Birthday..’ she hears a man speak in a faint beautiful voice..as she tiredly closes her eyes.

‘Thank you’ she replies subconsciously with tears rolling down  her eyes in the middle of the night.


4 thoughts on “Entwined 11 :)

  1. Hello Natalie. Thank you very much for your effort. You are awesum! I would surely check it out 🙂
    PS-m really sorry for late reply. i swear i did reply you. but it didn get posted i guess.


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