Entwined 10 :)


Fang and the traveler had known eachother for a century now and they were brothers since then, atleast that’s what Fang had said to her the last time they had met though it was very clear to see they were not related by blood.

Fang was a little shorter than Traveler and had a boyish charm. He looked like he was just in his early 20s like the traveler was but claimed he was atleast 2 centuries old giving him advantage of being  half a century older than the traveler , which he bossed around often about.  He carried himself like a gentleman, was neatly dressed and mostly preferred a white suit to wear with a blue hankerchief neatly tugged on his front  pocket on contrast to Traveler who never left black out of him.

‘Oh can’t get rid of this hankerchief  laira even if you don’t like it’ he had said to laira  once, when she had asked to hide the handkerchief because people were always scared of him on particular when they saw that thing.

‘ Father says, it lets people know that I am from the Royal Blue family. Apparently it is very important for vampires, traditional thing you know’ he had said then, helding it on the midair moving it side to side carelessly like a kid.


‘How cruel. I almost love that girl…’ Fang pauses looking down at the ground where laira just stood.

‘I feel sorry for you.. brother but more for her for being with you’

‘Its sad to think..She will  remember none of this. The same soul recycled again and again. The same memories kept and erased again and again. Its like a blank paper written with pencil, erased and re-written  multiple times. I’m sure the imprints remain.’

He throws a glance at the traveler, with his eyes desolate now, the crystal clear blue eyes changing its color to mundane blue.

‘I did swear I will not interfere with any plans you have for her. I thought you would eventually be tired of playing your games and let the poor soul free. But you are more cruel than me. Is it not time to let her go?’



‘I can’t’ the traveler replies instinctively.

‘You know Sebastian..i can’t’

‘what am I to do?’. The traveler looks helplessly to the person standing before him, breaking down his tall build barriers for once. His voice calm but utterly in grief..

‘You always knew what you had to do. You know what you have to do’ Sebastian stretches out his right hand in the midair, his eyes locked at the beautiful array of colors of setting sun in the sky, like he could feel the warmth of orange-red hue in his palms.

‘And if you didn’t want it that way, I did tell you there are other ways to keep her with us…forever’ he says, his voice fading in the distance.


One thought on “Entwined 10 :)

  1. I knew it!!!! Obieshi…..I called it. *smiling*. Proud of me. So Fang is what the characters know him as but the reader should identify him as Sebastian or the other way around? You know, he sounded like a mosquito just by how he felt her artery. I’m not the only one with a ah ha moment!!


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