Entwined 9 :)


‘ You are going to explode the dumb girl’s head’ the traveler  suddenly interrupts  their conversation, hissing at the man, standing next to laira.

‘Oh..here you are awake again, disturbing us at the right moment’ chuckles the Fang tooth, trying to sound off pissed, with his eyes still fixed at laira.

‘Explode?’ he exclaims suddenly, straightening up, putting an innocient face looking  over to the traveler, as if to say the word just got into him.

‘There are lot of things I wanted to say… but I thought I’d rather not’

‘For instance..laira here is a fun fact I will tell you. Your  internal jugular vein is right here.’ He says caressing her neck gently with his long fingers.

‘And this is very important to know for the kinds like me because from here we…’

‘Don’t you dare’ growls the traveler making a fist, stopping Fang tooth in the middle of his explanation.

‘Oh you are alright…’ exclaims laira with a look of sincere pleasure in her eyes awakening from her trance.

‘Not fair. With you around I can barely influence her’.

Fang makes an annoyed face withdrawing his ruby red lens back to crystal clear blue.

Completely ignorant of the tension in their conversation laira asks ‘what happened to you? Are you alright now?’

‘Alright’ the traveler replies suddenly taken, withdrawing his ruby lens too, back to black, making sure laira heard it loud and clear and hoping that she would not notice the sudden change in his eye lens.

‘You need to go’ he says after a moment, retracting back to the same icy person he is.

It wasn’t a request, laira knew rather a made decision, like an order he was used to, that only he controlled, making about laira, when she would appear or disappear in this world.

‘What’s happening here?’ laira thought to herself, finally sensing the air of commotion

But too late.. she heard the traveler clap twice and she was disappearing.


13 thoughts on “Entwined 9 :)

    1. Oh thank you Mr Bill. SO Kind of you..i however am really sorry. I hav very poor computer skils. Most of the meassages goes to spam box. So sometimes i never know. THANK YOU AGAIN ^_^!


      1. I don’t know what that meant, I just said it….I told you it’s not normal here on Planet Strange. ;o)
        It’s from the movie “Blade 2” The vampire says it in the beginning of the movie….I like it. I don’t know Czech, but it sounded cool on the show. I pick up all kinds of stuff in hopes of sharing interest. Hey, interesting, weird or plane nuts, as long as I can hold a friend, I’ll stay that way. It’s an Italian based language from what I read.

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