Entwined 8 :)


‘How dearly  our little laira..  still loves him’ interrupts a voice out of nowhere at the moment.

Recognizing the voice of the man, laira runs to him, feeling finally relieved.

She wraps her little arms around his waist and looks at him with tearful eyes,  pleading ‘Mr Fang tooth. You have got to help us’.

Its not that Mr Fang was not a kind man.  As noble as he looked with gentleman’s attire he was indeed a humble soul. He fancied  traveler, for the state of mind he had, ‘complete madness’ he would say and looked to him with a strong sense of brotherhood, as such felt by himself as an ‘unseen bond’.

And he was also very fond of laira.

‘A change of scene with you here is good for my eyes now and then’ he would say.

The last time they had met, he had genuinely tried to complement laira ‘ Ah my little laira, such innocence and beauty, I would say you are a nice view to watch’, not sure at all how to complement a girl just in her early teens.

The traveler then had laughed out, for half a minute or so, a very brief period, before he got his composure back, of which Fang was genuinely proud of. He had felt accomplished and had virtually made a check on his mind on number one mission of ‘brotherhood’.

But here they were now, two people, he cared in the entire universe needing his help. But he could not. He stared helplessly at little laira with his crystal clear blue eyes that matched his beautiful pale skin and blonde hair. Words would not come to him to soothe this little girl and he felt very frustrated.

He looked at the traveler lying motionlessly on the ground with sweat trickling his forhead, blood dripping from his nose by the side of his cheek bone and to the ground.

‘I cannot help him, my dear’ Fang finally blurted out.

‘We all have to pay a price to be blessed a long life’ he continued, trying to sound as calm as possible, looking at little laira’s  dampened black eyes, holding her face with his hands.

‘But he dosen’t deserve this’ she exclaims.

‘You donot know that, do you dear? I think we all deserve where we are..’ he says wiping the tears away gently from her little face.

‘ This hym is a song, that carries god’s words they say. There are ones like me who are forbidden to hear it, there are others like him who are allowed but at a price .Each of those words he will hear make him crumble on extreme pain and there are like you for whom this is nothing but a pleasant enchantment like a gentle lullaby.’

‘Why can’t he then run away from here. Run far, so that it will affect him less?’laira questions wiping her tears that now flows endlessly down her rosy cheeks.

‘Why does he need to hear it, if it causes him so much pain Mr Fang tooth? I do not understand’ says laira nodding her head side to side again.

‘There are far more other things that causes him more pain than this does. Believe me laira…’ replied Fang tooth holding little laira close to himself, hugging the little girl gently inside his arms

‘No matter how you put it, a curse or a blessing..he wishes to hear it. Otherwise will he have not chosen to run away?’


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