Entwined 7 :)



‘Should we follow your mom?’ asks laira to the traveler, after a moment not sure if this is the right thing to say at all.

‘No we cannot follow her’ the traveler replies, looking distant and lost.



‘We have to stay here. You can watch the procession from here laira’ the traveler says after a while, holding little laira by her shoulders for the first time, making sure each of the words  he speaks are fully understood.

She nods her head on agreement.

The crowd  at the distance now  gather together.

12 of people, like the traveler’s mother in the yellow cloak  circle around. They sing a strange enchanting hym that now is heard all over. In the middle of the circle is a man standing  with both his hands covering his ear tightly, as though he is in agony of pain, from the song he is hearing.

Suddenly he starts oozing with blood from his ears, from his nostrils, from his mouth then from all over his body.. screaming


‘Are you alright?’ asks laira as the traveler falls thud to the ground.

‘I am’ he says, his right long slender hands covering his nose that now seems to be bleeding.

‘Let me rest..will  you?’ he says slowely turning his body to his left, his upper half body supported by his left elbow trying to move away from laira while she comes in closer to help him.

‘But you are bleeding..’ she sobs. ‘Are you going to die?

‘You wish I would’ he snaps not looking at laira, making his usual  ‘I don’t believe her’ look before he collapses completely

The procession of the yellow cloaks continue. The man on the centre screams relentlessly. His blood  oozing painfully from everywhere while those around him, sorrunding him, look vacantly, hypnotised.

‘What should I do?’ says laira to herself, unable to understand, why the beautiful  enchanting hym she was hearing, was creating so much pain to the traveler


5 thoughts on “Entwined 7 :)

  1. You have quite the imagination and a super fan, I’m not impressed because it’s good so far. Maybe I need to keep reading but where did this little girls relationship with this traveler guy start from? Did I miss something in the beginning? It’s real interesting so far.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well it unfolds later slowely..everything starts with them already knowing eachother so no you didnot miss anything in begining 🙂
      I had been planning to edit forever bt perhaps oncce i complete the story i wil edit. Coz der are so many loopholes in it.. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Okay, good….I don’t wanna be scratching my head later in the story.
        The completion is when you should edit, it’s already done and changes can sometimes be minor. every story has a loophole or a string hanging, but yeah….you should get to that after the hard part is done. It’s good so far. Your superfan seems to love it.
        I’ll try not to question every chapter unless you don’t mind me yapping my curiousity at you. haha..a teacher gets tired of a student who raises his hand to much from what I learned, so you just let me know.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. You seem like a patient person, you gotta have patience to write books so good job. Hmm, I don’t know…..I only have six readers so far unless you followed me twice……..🙂. There’s a billlion bloggers and limited writing styles, to a point but if you read alotta stuff, it may start to seem monogamous after a while.
        I always figured writing style reflected the person, I figured I was lame but you are an ego stroker. Curious, are you perhaps comparing me to yourself, I talk to myself a lot.


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