Entwined 6 :)


Startled she looks behind only to find a preety young woman staring at her

‘What happened here?’ the traveler wakes disturbed by the noises.

He looks at the lady standing infront of her and falls back to silence.

‘You still are with her..’ the lady, dressed in a yellow ruggage cloak with a hood  speaks after a moment  breaking the silence, her voice shaking while making a statement.

‘what brings you here mother?’asks the traveler.

“Mother?’ exclaims Laira unable to believe that this lady who still looks like she is in her 20’s could be the traveler’s mother.

‘Thank you’ dear says the lady hastily..obviously understanding what little laira meant.

‘when one lives for eternity one forgets to grow old..’she says softly.

Then staring at her son for a moment again, she speaks

‘Let me not be the one to burn you in flames my son for that would be another curse to live with for eternity..’ with tears welling in her eyes.

‘I’m sorry mother’ replies the traveler. His voice filled with grief refusing to face his mother.

A crowd of people wearing same yellow cloak like that of the lady then passes by making a strange noise, like chanting something.

One in the front, a heavily built man with a tattoo of flame made in  middle of his shaved forehead looks at the lady furiously like he dosen’t permit them being seen together and shouts out aloud ‘hell, hell, hell’

The lady on the cloak looks at the man then follows her silently

‘You have a choice mother. Why are you hurting yourself?’ asks the traveler, while his mother silently follows the man.

‘I had a choice son.. I donot have now  but you do. I’m sure you understand’she says


‘Do you feel no pain?’asks the traveler, his voice stammering, almost broken now while his mother walks away, almost making a request for her to stop.

‘I do. Don’t you?’ she looks at him mournfully  from a distance and disappears in the crowd.


37 thoughts on “Entwined 6 :)

      1. No, that’s me…..just half of me at least but yeah. I don’t mind answering questions, you’re in my blog so you already will know half and the whole if you stick around. Haha
        Yeah, poker face has to do with a straight face.

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      2. Cool, I like and appreciate your company as well as your blog writings. Perhaps I’ll acquire a super fan like you have. It’s good to know your thoughts are being read. I guess that is considered mind reading because you don’t mind if they read it. (Lol)

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      3. Hey i like your writing. You have a fan right here. so don wry. i read wat you post 🙂 Some people are good with wat they say, some people are good with what they write. and that’s probly us. though i wudn’t say excatly good for me but lets’s just say i write creamier than i talk 🙂
        its always good to read what goes through other people’s head coz most of time i wonder is it only me thinking stufs?

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      4. A fan huh? Guess that makes me “cooler than a fan”, haha, probably not, but my fan makes me cool.
        You know, true statement, then there are those who are good with both what they write and say, you seem like that way….I enjoy reading your stuff, not only your novel. So you write creamier than you talk…..so that means your throat is always dry, that just means you write hard…that is awesome which is what makes a writer a good writer. It’s always one or the other. Like me for instance, I feel better than I look. ;oD
        It is good when people are comfortable enough to share their thoughts because believe it or not, a lot of people can feel, look and be different but…they may think alike.

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      5. haha..uh hm well i write better than i talk. coz when i talk i don have much patience to listen esp if i am not fancied by the topics lol..m not much into sports . its easy for those who are into it like u can talk hrs aboutufc and politics an stufs probly. i wil just listen so lets jus say i am on the quite side coz 75 percent i hav no clue wat people talk about. and i preety sure people hav no clue wat i talk about 100% lol

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      6. Yeah, I love sports, some more than others. Football is great, ufc is okay and wresetling is entertaining…but football is where it’s at. Politics are bs but you never have to be a passenger, something that interest you is bound to interest others, you may be surprised. If you don’t have patience to listen, your interest will drop and someone will pick up on it. That’s why I try to learn what I can cause everyone is different. I don’t really know if I’m boring you or not, that’s why I tell people in my intro blog to ask me my thoughts on topics…..I’m easily entertained.
        What do you like and dislike. What can you talk about for hours on end, music, books, or movies. Everyone has a subject….and you may be surprised how others may think like you.

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      7. so is the footbal where men play with hands or foot?i am sorry i ahv to keep asking that coz its difrent in difrent parts. That means u can hav a fluent converstaion with a sportman, wrestler and trump or clinton huh. Maybe u cant have fluent converstaion with trump coz i am sure he wouldn understand wat ur sayin. I read he lost his brain during his puberty.
        don worry ur doing great. ur actually everybit similar to person i used to know. i am jus intrested to know how diffrent u guys are actually . keep writing. its hard to come across people who are fun witty and compassionate at the same time. 🙂

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      8. Yeah, well it’s “football” and futbol'”. Football is the sport where you run with the ball in your hand, the other is soccer. Football is played with pads and helmets and stuff….Go Cowboys!!! I like to think I can have a conversation with anyone who interest me because i’m willing to interweave the conversation to keep both parties interested, don’t want nobody going to sleep on me, and I don’t think trump was born with a brain.
        So I remind you of some guy, when you kept making that reference I assumed it was a girl because usually friend drama are always a male/male or a female/female thing, but not always. Don’t mean to bring up bad past memories if that’s what they are, but how you’re expressing your words, it seems that way. Anyway, I love to read and write so don’t worry, my blog isn’t going anywhere. Fun, witty and compassionate….you love talking about yourself huh, but that’s a good thing….it’s great to be positive.

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      9. haha ah that’s footbal i have been told one or few times already. are al americans intrested on football? Nah its not a bad past. sorta opposite. me and fun don’t go well together..there is only handful of person i can actualy amuse and i ‘myself’ is alredy included so u can guess how many people i talking about. 🙂

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      10. I don’t know if all americans are interested in football, are you not interested? It can be fun to watch at times, but yeah, it’s very popular but not just for Americans…..for all countries.
        Oh, a good past, then I’ll take it as a compliment. You just made it sound like you two fell off the wagon, good things don’t belong in the past but that’s just my frozen brain talking. Ohh, so that’s your Phantom….hey, superfans are fun to have, you might even make me a superfan of your writing but I’m picky and a tough one for a crowd to win over.
        You seem like a fun person, but I wouldn’t really know that, that’s just my opinion, but you sound fun and easy going like nothing bothers you. I try to be that way. Hey, they say you are your toughest critique, so if you can amuse yourself, then your good. You amuse me to, but that’s just a secret I was supposed to keep to myself, so don’t tell me I told you. Haha. You’re probably talking about the person who matters what you think the most….you! But, that’s just a guess….I guess. I guess it was a guess since I guessed it.

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      11. Ur secret is safe with me. Yeah like i said it was a compliment to you 🙂 Thats alright i am good wid frenz..infact dats a plus. One alys opts for a fren over fan..lools can be deciving. I may not look wat i potray but then noone looks like wat they really are i guess.. i heard there are three faces to a person. 🙂

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      12. I like a person that can keep a secret and thanks, I’ll take compliments all day long. I’d rather be a friend to someone also, fans are fair weather. Looks can be deceiving, you’ll be surprised at what a smile can hide. There are those who are and then there are those who want to be. Sorry to bring that up, it seems like it depresses you because now you’re referring to yourself…..hey!!!! Smile, that’s the only face a person should expose. I heard the phrase a “two-faced” person but I am unfamiliar with the three faces fact, but I don’t know everything. Everybody hides something and if they don’t hide it, they probably lost it.

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      13. M great with secrets. 🙂
        Hmm it surprises me how the person who looks the hapiest often has the saddest stories.may b becoz he/she has seen how worse life can be and has learnt to appreciate what he/she has. Unlike many people like me who are easily frustated of silly things. I alwys feel inspired to meet those people. Smile indeed is contagious…i like ur idea smile is the only thing one should expose. But then it sudn b a fake one hahhah.i read there are 3 faces. One shown to the world. Other to the family and third to the one. 🙂

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      14. Good, I can keep secrets to, like the time my friend went into the back of this store with some matches……oppps!!! I almost told.😛. That was a joke.
        Sometimes we think people who smile at there sad stories are just hiding pain but they probably just learned they had to forget the bad memories, sort of like that self deleting thing you mentioned. I listen too.🙂
        Everyone has a sad story that they have put behind them, some did it so long that they don’t remember, those are the ones to be admired because they chose not to carry baggage in a bag. I don’t know if you can actually fake a smile, if only put on for a moment, it has to be somewhat unique cause it’s a feeling.
        Three faces, sounds like a blog you should write…inspiration. So if I look in a three way mirror, does that mean I’ll see all of me?🙂

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      15. Hahah hey another rib cracker huh? haha. I can tell you listen or should i say u type well. coz if u wud be listening u wud be hearing me croaking.. hehehe. u probly will if they are correctly angled..one mirror only doesnot show the full image u gota turn around haha. i like that baggage in a bag thing. u are right. u think deep 🙂

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      16. I listen, but I let my fingers do the talking! Haha! Looking into three mirrors seems hard to concentrate on. You make it sound easy, you must be a “head turner”🙂.
        Just wit, you have it too, you just don’t have to search as hard as me to find it.

        Liked by 1 person

      17. hmm..wel gals are naturally head turners..they will turn every possible nagles to check themselves out on mirror. i hav a cousin who checks herself out even in knife now and then wen she is in kitchen or in a spoon or cellphone if she is in dinner. so thats a obvious statement. don be surprised when a gal turns her head 360 degree lol.
        its funny how u consider me funny and witty..hahha

        Liked by 1 person

      18. I guess girls are head spinners then, surprised they don’t get dizzy but I guess guys can be prima Donna divas too.
        You are funny…..wait, I get it!! You think it’s “funny” I find you humorous……pretty witty. That took me a while, now you really surprise me.😂

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