Entwined 3 :)



‘He dosen’t talk much, does he?’ laira wanders as she passes by a busy market street, trottling along side the traveller. This was the first human settlement she had come across after 5 days of long trip on the road with him. And till now, she had managed to get nothing off him except that he was a reaper, he took away souls and that he travelled between the gates of human and mystic realms to accompany them for their safe arrival between the gates. And, unfortunately for her, she was trapped along side him now, doing the same till a portal opened for her to get back home.

Frowning at the thought, laira digs in a big bite of zurger. Why name it zurger anyway..if it still tastes like burger? she complains, taking out a coin out of her minibag that the traveller had handed her for safe keeping. The shopkeeper stares at her confused and opens his mouth to reply but soon stops seeing the man standing beside her. ‘Oh your lord forgive me for my impudence..You little girl can take it for free‘ he says trembling and bowing down low. Traveller does not say a thing beside staring at him and walks away. Laira follows him, confused, leaving the coin at the plate.

AS they stride, she notices that everyone around him were clearing their way to let them pass. People stopped  while doing their chores and children  stopped while playing, to bend low there heads. A lady abrupty jerks  her little son’s head by force too to make him bow, that takes laira by surprise. ‘Donot look at lord’s face son’ she hears her say. ‘if you are a bad boy, he will take away your soul.’

The whole street now starts looking like a ghost town to laira with people who didnot speak. She too  follows the traveller silently but  curiously with her eyes running around  to the stalls that featured variety of strange looking foods. Now and then, She meets the gaze of people, trying to get a glimpse of her while still bending their head, with eyes filled with pity in some and fear in others. ”Well… he is the reaper so behold people” death passing by with a girl servant...” laira humors alone inside her head. Then sighs, recalling the sunday markets back in her own home country, wondering if sunday  has passed yet there. ” i wonder if my mother has noticed by now that i am missing..”

They come to a stop at  the edge of the city, what traveller referred to as ‘human settlement area’ entering a small antique looking house. ‘Lord Raven‘ an old man screams with excitement as soon as they step in the door, of what looked like a pub to laira. ‘And laira‘ he adds, reaching out to hug her, after tightly embracing the traveller who awkwardly returns the welcome with a pat on his back.

Growing old..Bran‘ the traveller speaks smiling at him, once he is seated at the wooden table. ‘Yes. All because of kindness of your highness..i have managed to live through these years‘ the old man replies cheerfully, preparing a glass of alcohol to serve him. ‘But i am not prepared to die yet... However, if i do.. i will be very pleased, if you were the one who took me to the gate’ he says placing the fine looking glass on the table infront of him.

Just then, the house shakes lightly and windows clatter. A strange noise plays in the air like song of angels, laughs of babies.Tempted, laira stands up and walks hurriedly to the window to see..and what she sees shakes her,  for she stands staring through the window without blinking her eyes for minutes.

‘It is called ‘hansha’ the parade of souls” the old man now explains, standing beside her, passing her a glass full of mango juice. A creaking sound of door is then heard and they see the traveller march towards the parade. Laira stares at him,too scared to call him back,seeing him leave through the glass, to a mass of walking, floating spirits, ghosts following a person on veil in the front who held a scythe similar to him. ‘Are they on their journey?’ she asks,after a while, her eyes still blankly staring at the transparent entities next to where Raven was now standing.

Yes‘ the old man replies. ‘It’s a long journey. Those floating spirits are the babies and old people and all those walking are the adults who can follow on legs‘he says pointing to the crowd. ‘I also walked. It’s fun. Your legs don’t touch the ground. Its like you are moving but a lift is taking you all the way‘. he chuckles, as if remembering a hilarious incident.

what?‘ laira widens her eyes,her expression clearly seeking the answers. ‘Yes. i was a ghost laira. or Say just a soul without a body.Because, i died young in human world, where you came from. And joined the parade to be reborn again he says scratching his head. ‘Then how are you are here? Shouldn’t you have already reborn again?’ she asks. 

Yes, but i didnot get to the gate. Lord Raven helped me at the gate to escape..’ 

Laira looks at him confused like she had no clue what he was referring to at all.  So the old man explains. ‘I died young laira due to a tumor in my brain. i was just seven years old. I had a bad luck yes’ but i really wanted to live. i had seen nothing of the world except the locality where i lived and the hospital i was getting treatment at. I saw no faces other than my parents, a few students in school and doctors and nurses in the hospital.. But i wanted to meet many people, travel around the worlds.I had so much dreams. Unluckily my time was so less..So i was not willing to go. i was holding back. Unlike, those souls who vanished once they accepted in their heart that it was their faith whether by forgiving those who murdered them, or learning life is not just to all.  But for me, it didnot happen. The parade started with thousands and by the time we reached the gate there were only 400 to 500. i was the youngest one.Perhaps because of that, Lord Raven felt pity for me and helped me escape..’ He looks at the window, while saying that, watching the traveller now return after his brief meeting with the other traveller, with gratitude filled eyes that were now filled with tears.

‘Who is this father?’ a woman’s voice then  interrupts the conversation, looking intently at laira. ‘She is laira’ the old man replies smiling warmly at his daughter, rubbing his eyes. ‘Still so young?’ she gasps. Laira looks at her astounded, hearing that.




33 thoughts on “Entwined 3 :)

      1. I don’t think I know half the story, I’m on part four and from what I see you have a dozens of episodes…..unless everyone is the same. That’ll get re runnish. *wondering if that’s a word*


      2. I just try to be funny in hopes of sharing a smile. They teach you in writing that it’s never to late to go back but that’s after your piece. They teach about how a story has to be descriptive, almost like your doing everything yourself from dialogue all the way to the motion of the character, for example, * I’m typing without blinking to assure I don’t misspell anything* haha. Punctuation is key because that’s what brings out feeling and it also controls how a person reads it. And minor things like patience and spelling like there and their and so forth. I also learn that you should never give into failure, that’s a big quality a writer should have.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Uh hmm they teach you well then. I will remember that. It kinda applies to life dosen’t it? sayin ‘its never too late’ ‘be discriptive about your feelings’ ‘punctuation is like stress to the words how you speak’ and ‘patience’ and ‘dont give in to failure stuff’. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      4. They teach me well, but look at you and your quotes, I can learn from you. But you’re right, it’s never to late for something if you feel strong for it.
        Yeah, punctuation can be stronger than the words themselves. Which would get your attention more? Hey you. Or “HEY YOU!!!!”

        Liked by 1 person

      5. well said!! is it like saying ‘i know what you are upto…’ and ‘i know what you are upto!!!’?? hahha is it like a must take class or an extra coz u really intrested in writing?? i would like to know what goes through your head. i only spill some coz if i am to spill whatever i am thinking the internet would be in fire lol.

        Liked by 1 person

      6. Exactly. That’s what punctuation tells, it tells it’s own story. If I said, I know what you’re up to. It seems like a casual statement but if I said, “I know what you’re up to!!!”, then it seems like I’m saying it with feeling and authority.
        You wanna know what goes through my mind….close your eyes and tell me what you see. ;o) That’s what’s going through it, dark nothing.
        Oh, so you hold things back….probably a good thing….it’s only okay for everyone to read when it gets published….other than that, yeah, you don’t want to set the glaze ablaze. Haha

        Liked by 1 person

      7. What if i say i see things with eyes closed? i have professor X’s mind reading talent. although i was told i would hav to go bald to bring my talent to full potential so i amnot using it very often. but ur a intresting character..i might lose some hair to learn whats inside that head hahha.
        Its true though..we only know what writers post. i think once in a while it is ok to post what u feel although u are giving away ur own privacy coz there are people who aren’t good with words not pen. it might help one or two like that. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      8. If you see stuff with your eyes closed, then I hear voices in my head. A girl into X-Men……more interesting I gotta say. If you lose some of that hair trying to get into my head, bring it with you cause bald surfaces can be cold. like I said, whatever you see when you close your eyes are whats in my head because that is where you are looking….the mind knows.
        It’s always okay to post what you feel as long as you’re willing to put it out or share it….I didn’t say that to set your course. It’s always okay, some things are better written than said………what or who is in missmonsoon’s head. Guess I’ll keep reading your post. ;o)

        Liked by 1 person

      9. There is Phantom in my head joker coz i am the mistress hahha. like perhaps there is a queen in urs since ur a joker. we all ahve secret cards half seen half unseen.
        don wry about cold..i got enough woolen caps to kip my bald scalp warm. i might even hatch one or two egg with how warm my bald scalp can get with those wooden caps lol 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      10. A Phantom huh? Cool for a mistress, a pair is always good at the card table. Some cards don’t always come with a queen in the deck, others do…I don’t know if Jokers get queens, that’s the kings job but hey, the deal of the draw.
        Warm is good….you know, if you hatch some eggs on my head then that’ll make me a birdbrain.

        Liked by 1 person

      11. hahha yeah ur right. Not everything works out the way u want. yeah..i was writing that thing on my blog post and i was giving you a taste pf my mind how far i can think…u can’t be sure its bird..wat if it’s chicken? is chicken a bird? wat about penguin?hahah

        Liked by 1 person

      12. Yeah, but then again, things can go your way…just gotta grab the wheel. I like how far your mind goes, you can stretch it to the limits but still be surprised at how much further you can go. You don’t surprise me with your mind, I try to expect everything so nothing surprises you.
        I think a chicken is a bird, and I think a penguin is considered a bird too, it just dresses better. (Lol) Tuxedo…get it?

        Liked by 1 person

      13. Um i get it.tuxedo style haha.sorta like guys on party on tuxedos especially with gel fixed sleek back conbed hair. Now dats a deal breaker penguin lol. I fancy Emperor penguins. They are unique inteligent and stufs. Haha i mit surprise you 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      14. Ofcourse only a ghollum can understand what another ghollum is going through…i will make sure i will stop you..then if you still insist i wont hav problem getting your precious ring and throwing you off. coz that’s wat u wud hav said. and gholum respects another ghollums wishes. lol.

        Liked by 1 person

      15. Well, at least you’ll attempt to stop me before throwing me off. Maybe I’d just change my mind and play ring around the rosies. Then again, it’s not the fall that kills you, it’s the landing that proves what kind of person you are.

        Liked by 1 person

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