Entwined 2 :)

Well m just trying to write. here is wat i have in pea sized brain.



Laira finds herself standing alone in a neatly paved pebbled road, lost in the middle of a dense forest. She looks around, not a single soul on sight. Only occasional sooshing sounds made by leaves when the wind caressed the trees, accompanied her.

‘i think i know this place…’ She wonders, looking around feeling strangely familiar.

‘Hello‘ a voice of a man next to her ear, startles her. ‘Hey’ she replies shyly, after jumping almost a feet away from him with fright. ‘ I didn’t see you coming‘.

‘Noone does. Its impossible to cheat death‘ he answers, his voice monotonus.

Are you death? The one that takes away souls?’ Laira asks, aiming for humour. ‘Yes‘ the man replies, snapping his fingers looking towards the woods. A tree then falls, a passing by deer gets hit by it and dies immediately. He looks back to laira with a smug look on his face, having proved his point. Then, he crushes in the ball of white flame that came out of the deer’s body, inbetween his fingers to a fine powder, infront of her eyes, making sure she saw what he was doing, without saying a word.

However, looking at the blade of scythe and swallowing her throat, laira questions again ‘Are you really death??‘ stressing on ‘really’ to make sure he was clear of what she meant. ‘Y..E..S’ he replies unintrested, making it sound rather long this time, unbelieving how dumb she was.

Laira stands still at the response. Her world starts crumbling now. She was only 13 years old..And she had no clue why and how she had died. This was too much to take and too much of cruel faith to have, she reasons. Tears flows endlessly, down her cheeks and her voice clumps on her throat unable to vent her grief or ask any further questions to the stranger who called himself death. She wipes her tears, sobbing and making ocassional noises like breathing in, forcefully through her congested nose. Only upon seeing her, almost choke to death with tears, the man asks ‘Why are you crying?’

‘Because i am dead…I should have eaten that icecream cake before i got to bed. Now i won’t get to eat and i will be a pathetic ghost haunting for icecreams in freezers‘ she wails, finally able to untie the knot of right words off her heavy chest. ‘And i should have punched my brother’s face today when i was so angry. I will never get to hit him again. And..and.‘ She continues.

‘Sooshh…’The man stops her midway, irritated. ‘What makes you think you are dead?’ He asks. ‘Because, You said you are death! And you look like an angel of death. And i had a feeling i might die soon..’ She replies blowing her nose, loudly, on the hankerchief he had just given.

‘No you are Not dead‘ he also stresses in the ‘Not’ part, looking amused at the character she was. ‘And what, the first thing you thought about was icecream cake??’ He mocks , chuckling at her. Of all the last wishes he had heard, this girl’s was definately going to be most intresting. What a Insane piece ..

‘I am not?‘ Laira widens her eyes, straining her eyelids like almost about to make them pop out of her sockets. She screams with excitement. More like a high pitch baby cry.  That makes the man beside her shut his ears and birds in the nest fly out in fright. Who thought a girl of that size could scream that loud…Finally, settling to her feelings and immensly relieved that she was not going to be a freeze buster , laira moves forward for a handshake shyly. ‘i am laira.who are you??’.

The man stares at her. Shaken. He had no idea what this little girl was going to do next. One minute she was low and the next minute she was high. She was spontaneous. She didn’t think about the next second. Excatly the type, that would jump off the cliff if someone aired on her ears that it was for goodwill.Sheep? Yes. Foolish. Yes. But…he smiles. That was what he had always loved about her. That was why he had brought her back, defying every rules that restrained the idea of resurrection..

‘They call me traveler but you can call me Raven‘ he replies, still staring intently at her marble eyes.

‘ Where are we? Do you know Raven?’ Laira asks smiling at him, scanning the perimeter around.

‘Yes i do.This is an alternate world laira. You are not in a world of just humans anymore. So you need to be careful.’ He warns, starting slowely so that she understood every word he was saying to her.

‘It’s called the mystic land. Because all forms of creatures, humans to supernaturals live here. Yes supernaturals like vampires, werewolves, witches all sorts of that you can imagine.‘ He adds, looking at her face again to check on her expression for any fear or look of confusion that he needed to explain to her. But nothing. She just stares at him, like he was telling her an intresting ghost story by camp fire, her eyes glittering with intrest.

Humans as yourself live longer in this land, because time passes rather slow here than on your world. Most that live were born here, others were probably brought and the remaining are the souls that have been left to roam around. Souls who refuse to cross the gate to the next life and are happy being in purgatory fulfilling their wants that they couldnot fulfill when they were alive in your world’ he adds, giving a side glance to her. Nothing.

And then there are Travelers like me..10 of us. 9 of those, who you should be really scared of above everyone. Do you understand? ‘The traveler stresses, raising his brows, finally noticing her getting lost in train of thoughts.

Yes‘ laira replies blankly.

‘Good. Because i will not say this again. So listen..’

‘So you are not joking at all?‘ she cries in disbelief.

‘Why would i? Do i look like someone who would joke?‘ The traveler asks annoyed, deliberately holding his scythe, as if to rest his arm on it.

Laira gulps. ‘But why should i be scared of travelers if i am not dying? Should i be scared of you too? And how did i get here if i am not dead? Do all of my friend come here now and then?‘ She bombards questions after questions.

‘One at a time..we are not going anywhere’ The traveler speaks under his breath, knowing he has a lot to explain to this girl, who would rather fire questions than listen first.

‘No laira…‘ He continues softly, trying his best to be patient with her now. ‘Your friends will not come here. Once in a while someone is born in your world with capability to cross over, like you are. Infact the humans in mystic land originated with individuals having capability to cross between the realms. But for other normal humans to come here they will need an external force, someone with power to break the barrier for them. And that rarely happens. And yes you should be scared of other travelers because they might take your soul away, which would mean you would actually die here and in your world as well.

Laira gasps.

Finding her composure after a moment, she opens her mouth again. ‘ Sooosh ..‘ The traveler stops her however, already knowing what she was about to ask. ‘No i won’t take your soul. What would i do with that little soul? But there are lot of things others might do.A little girl as yourself could end up being lunch or dinner to anything that lurks in woods’ he answers frowning. ‘That’s why you should stay with me whenever you travel here’ ‘You can be my loyal servant in exchange for protection i give to your life’ he adds, throwing  a corncerned look, seeing her wander helplessly in her mind, like a lost rabbit in thick bushes not knowing what to do or where to go.

Soon  picking up his scythe, the traveler stretches his legs to  walk  ‘Its your decission though..’. Laira stands up too, on hearing him, as though by reflex of her survival instinct. She scans the perimeter one more time before she leaves and follows the man with the scythe running behind him on his journey.

A mischevious grin then stretches under the veil, like he had known all along  how to lure his bait to him.





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