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(European dudes on Asian countries)

Me (in my head) -Omg!!! HE IS A GIANT!

(Asian me on European countries)

Me-Oh No..M A DWARF!!

And everytime, whenevr i stumble my face bumps right into their abdomen or chest. And m like sorry but i dont even what their face looks like.

coz m just 5 .3 and i will only get shorter than that from now on.



Perks of being short…


28 thoughts on “Hehe

  1. It so happened that I took dancing for physical ed. at a school in the US. Some of the girls in the class were so tall they stood with their faces above my head. When I danced with them, my forehead was against their chin…

    You see my perks, do you?

    I got a B-plus for dancing then, but I think the grade should have been much higher than A. I suppose the teacher thought I didn’t quite look like Clark Gable. Doesn’t matter, does it?

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    1. Um..i actually see what you mean. Yup the perks did hit you hard then. Perhaps the teacher judged u physicaly wid ur partner on basis of how you guys look together..not on you alone..No it dosent mater Mr Ashiaki. You got the moves now you can rock the dance floor any time 🙂

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      1. Mr \ashiaki do believe me..i am the shy one. I would certainly hit the floor if there are you know atleast 1 or two already on it. Coz i dance terrible..i will cretianly dance like its the last day in my life but only after i make sure that no one is actually seeing my crazy moves heheh 🙂

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      2. Of course it is Mr Ashiaki. ( billion people in the world and imagine there are only few we can actually talk to..isnt that a great feeling? So do you prefer instant cofee or tea??

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      3. Only a few out of billions of people in the world… Moreover we are so far apart from each other… Yes, it’s a great feeling we’ve found we have something in common to talk with each other… I prefer tea if you don’t mind.

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      4. Any kind you have I love. You on the other side of the tea steam with fragrance… I’m visualizing. I usually have coffee early in the morning. Coffee brewing can be done automatically with machine… 🙂

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      5. Um..i don cofee or tea unles m at work. Den it works like a catalyst u kno… can u belib it..i don evn lyk colas. I only hav em wen m wid frens..jus to make sure i hav sthg on my hand 🙂

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      6. You are right, missmonsoon. It’s got to be mild to be good. Yes, mild. That’s how I like about everything. Is their such a thing as mild monsoon by the way, missmonsoon?

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      7. Um..lets see..is there something like mild monsoon? I wonder Mr Ashiaki i hav never thought about that way..if u met me in person perhaps u wud think m d mild. I confuse people often..i hav that trait 😉

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  2. Aliens are monster untill we inhabit otherplanets, like really, “are we human or a we dancers, my signs are vital, my hands are cold, and I’m on my knees, looking for the answer, are we human, or are we dancers” the song has a this pattern to it.

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  3. A conversation has gone on and I’ve been notified ever since… monoon was interesting until then. What an inconsiderate creative writer.

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