Why its you and nobody else..

Ofcourse there are lot of things about you and about us. But here is the secret ‘all about’ and ‘why you are the one for me’

Reason 1

I am unpredicatble. Even i dont know what’s the next thing i want to do. How the hell do youhandle me. If i was in your place i woulld have smothered myself long ago…

If i was dating some one else..probable bf would have said—you need to see a psychiatrist. You swing too much with your hobbies,intrests..that’s abnormal

With you,

Me-i want to write poems.. you-hmm good.

you should do that


Me-i want to write children stories.

you-hmm.good.tell me about the plot. (And he  also edits)


Me-i want to write  a book. a type ‘coffee book’ you know.

You- umm..may be the idea is too big this time but sure why not..you might pull it off


Me-Lets make memes.

You–sure find hilarious photos of your freinds first and we can think some funny things…(nope. not doing that)


Me-i want to sing a song. I have always been too shy to sing infront of others.

You- why don’t you start with singing infront of me. May be we can even sing a duet someday  (what????i give up!!)


Me-i love doodles. Lets make some cute ones about us and put on insta.

You- sure. i will submit some tommorow (Me-after some days..i don’t like doodle anymore)


Me-i want to learn knitting. knit mufflers  and shocks for you and everyone in the family.

You-i love mufflers!!! (Brings the knitting book, tells his favourite color)

(me-tries knitting a shock. messed. Too hard. i give up)


And there are lot of things…

sometimes i want to be singer, sometimes a writer, sometimes even a dancer and sometimes idk funny shits lol but you never discourage me, You let me be what i am in watever the crazy world i live in… 🙂





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