3 Day Challange (Quote 1 :) )

Thank You Miss Iris for nominating me for 3 day quote challange. I particularly loved it because i have a lot of quotes saved into my cell phone that i often go back to read to inspire myself. It actually took me sometime to get the ones i like the most from 100 of these.

Please follow miss Irish https://iristeodorescublog.wordpress.com/  ‘to view beauty of life through teen agers eyes :)’

i’m not nominating anyone in particular  because everyone is nominated. It would be then a lengthy post posting everyone’s name. So please free. i would love to read more of inspiring quotes.. 🙂

Quote 1


‘Everytime i feel  like being pulled to that robotic life of mine, i remember this quote.’

Don’t you think it is indeed true that we are only given that little spark…


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