My love for papers ii


‘ Early in the morning before the sun even rose

he would walk miles away from home

with lunch of corns packed in a small worned out cloth

His little feet, thick and rough..

moving steadily on unhostile road’



‘He would rest for a while after an hour walk,

all along his little finger searching his little shack

for a piece of dough he had ..packed in

that he would flatten, put over a thin leaf and cook over a slate if he was lucky



And with a last gulp of bread he made, he would then run as fast as he could

made sure he reached there,before the bell rang and they started the school

Then at the lunch time

One would see him, sit to trade

his juicy corns, for a page in its exchange

where he would write ‘today and the next day’

with a blunted pencil he owns,

words arranged tightly and neatly

in beautiful, vivid black.


5 thoughts on “My love for papers ii

  1. A depiction of reality? No
    I take it as a reflection of your mind
    Then I find something I ought to see
    What is it?
    I know but can’t tell
    Too vital to be put into words
    Beyond words, there is something

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  2. Through your poem, I feel the vitality of the boys in poverty – the most vital phenomenon in this world. You are not mysterious but a person who has the empathy with the boys and who can see what is marked on the sheet of paper by the boys. Your love for papers is remarkable. 🙂

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