Confront you..

I am sorry that I am the only kind

I am sorry that you will never have your way around

And leave you may, but I promise you, you will think of me

And you will miss me

Like that old watch you don’t understand why you love so much having



I’m sorry things are this way

I am sorry for giving you hard time to understand why I behave so careless and insane

Yes I am sorry for all those times I have made you wait

And all those romance I am immune to that you work so hard to create


I’m sorry for being me..

For bringing the apocalypse down  for you, for all that I am and for all that I do

black cat

Because here is the thing you donot understand

And I want to confront you

‘I m the dark of raven’s skin

Not the swan of tutu’

‘I’m flame that’s bound to be a wildfire

not the luminescence of the moon’.


Please do understand me..because i want to keep you.


20 thoughts on “Confront you..

      1. I do believe that way. I think everyone in us has to have that humor that eases the person near, and that insanity that puts a spark in life. NOt everytime we meet people who can make us smile and think . 🙂

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      2. It is more so in a country like ours that’s so crowded with more people in a small place. Our next door neighbor is just a few meters away. Most people in Tokyo have to live in apartments where they are separated from each other only by thin walls We have to play roles in order to get along with other people. 🙂

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      3. And yeah i think its better know one more person than to be wondering about the next door stranger. Well Mr ashiaki someday i will definately visit Japan. Idk when but i will. do you have in your mind anything you recommend me ‘must to visit there’??

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      4. The number of tourists from abroad is on a sharp rise here, according to news reports. With so many wars and conflicts around the world, people may find Japan a safe place to visit. Your visit here is a dream. But it’s most likely to come true. Let me know then. 🙂

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      5. um..because of my job i come across many foreigners..many japanese tourists too. They usually present with ‘Acute Mountain sickness’. i find Japanese people very humble. Perhaps because of culture an deverything they tend to be very respectful too. i even know some japanese words..simplle ones 🙂
        Ofcourse i aim to travel around the world on my forties.. japan is on hit list too. 🙂

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      6. I aim to. I wish i could too. But Mr Ashiaki. You know asian culture m still not allowed to travel across country even if i worked hard for the budget. I have to ask my mom like 10 times even for a night out stay except for my duty night shifts. With double shifts m woring i have to preplan everything and i can’t be too selfish for myself as well. So m worried my travel to japan will only be after 5 years or so. You will be there wont you?? M also planning to get married then. you can give me a wedding gift ‘a beautiful bouquet of white roses’ 🙂

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      7. I’d be extremely happy to prepare a beautiful bouquet. But I don’t think I’ve seen white roses around here. They are always pink, red, yellow, etc. I’ll look for them more carefully. But 5 years or so from now? I can’t promise you I’ll still be here because I feel my strength has been rapidly declining. I used to make it a point to walk at least 2 hours a day by not taking a subway on my way home from the company office, etc. But, especially since I “miraculously” survived that massive asthma attack 4 years ago, the walking time has drastically shortened. Now I walk 30 minutes or so and feel extremely tired. You are a doc. You know when the time comes, we can but accept it with serenity. 🙂

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      8. Yes it is true. There are tings in life we cannot escape. Do you believe in 7 lives. I do. we will surely meet next life we don’t make it now. And i look forward to it. Who knows may be i will actually have you as my gran pa 🙂
        30 mins walk is good!! you are one tough man!! But please do not over exert and always make sure you have your inhaler with you 🙂

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      9. I don’t know if we have 7 lives or just one that will last eternal. One thing I’m sure about is that we’ll all know it when the time comes. Either case, please hurry next time. I’ll wait for you so that we will be in closer generations. Maybe in the same generation and that’ll be more fun, I hope. 🙂
        Thank you for caring about my health. It’s not by your profession, I hope. 🙂


      10. PS: If it’s an eternal life, age or generation doesn’t matter, does it? In that case, please take your time as long as possible in this life with or without makeups. 🙂

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