In Eurika’s garden(chapter 7)

Chapter 7

A new Home




After seeing the house, the eager caterpillar ran across the front yard to open the door. She checked in all the rooms and walked around every nooks and corners around the house and to the garden to explore her new world. “I love this!”  She exclaimed jumping happily dancing in the room.

And “there is enough food stock for you to feed, you will especially love those fresh supple lily leaves” the snail said pointing out to the white array of beautiful lilies.


“This place is like a fairy tale for me” she says swirling around holding a piece of the lily on her hand.


After that, the little caterpillar and the snail began to live together. The snail adopted the little caterpillar as his own child. “Little Ira” called the snail to the caterpillar, “papa” called the caterpillar to the snail. Often they would sit together to hear each other’s stories in the evening looking at the dawn, with little ‘Ira’ opening up more and more every passing day.


She now had begun to trust the snail with her life and loved him like she would have loved her own papa.  Someday she would tell him about the kind queen bee and the queen ant, someday she would tell about the cruel insects who were mean to her and someday about the day she ran and how she did not regret her decision though she was sad to leave the queen ant.

The snail would tell her about his adventures, about how proud he was of his shell that protected him and how he had walked out in a journey in search of his friend from other garden and how different the creatures looked in the place where he came from.


Little Ira the caterpillar would hear each of his stories very keenly often wondering if creatures like her did come here from the other garden.

However her favorite times were not these though she enjoyed to hear each of the snail’s story. Her favorite, was the one when they would sit together in the branch of the pomelo tree and sing the snail’s favorite song on his guitar that he always carried on his back.


They would sing

“As a friend or foe, I do not know?

But when you knock at my door

I turn my eyes blind, and let my wounded heart spring it open

Saying welcome to you..

Singing welcome home and lalala….”




5 thoughts on “In Eurika’s garden(chapter 7)

  1. I finished reading your story with a great interest. It brought me back to those days when I should be reading a lot of stories like that but the fact was we kids in those days were provided only with stories about war battles. So I would be glad to read more of stories like that to get back what I had lost and fill an empty hole left in my heart. Someone said a country without fairy tales is destined to cease to exist. I think it is very true. So, Missmonsoon, keep writing – not only for your country alone but for the world to prosper. By the way, why do you call yourself missmonsoon and you say you are crazy? You are tender hearted miss, shall I say, flower.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Mr Ashikai ‘to change the world’ is way out of my league hehe. Very glad that you thought i could. But dew drops of water does make an ocean hopefully i can too. But i do hope everyone i come across i do leave and impact of change 🙂
      I call myself miss monsoon because well i consider my personality like a monsoon wind that comes with rain and storm..does i make sense?? 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Gathering May rains
        Water flows so rapidly
        Mogami River

        This is my translation of a 5-7-7 poem by Basho. (There was no such a word as “haiku” In Basho’s days. He simply wrote poems in the 5-7-5 rhythm and made it an art.) Rains in May are so soft and pleasant, but when the rain drops are gathered the flow is so rapid and strong. You, Miss Monsoon, are one of the important drops in the rain. So you are very right in your thinking of yourself as a dew drop, but it doesn’t make sense to think of a monsoon to represent you. It sounds like a shew. You are more like the soft and pleasant rain in May. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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