In Eurika’s Garden(chapter 6)

Hello i’m sorry for putting out this late. I was drunk and i overslept one whole month lol. here is chapter 6 of Eurika’s garden. please let me know what you think of it till now 🙂

Chapter 6

The heroic snail


A snail was passing by with its friend centipede and baby centipede, when he heard the little caterpillar cry and motioned for her rescue.

Upon seeing the lizard about to prey upon the little caterpillar, the snail told the centipedes to hide behind its back along the bushes and then shouted “Snakes. Run run. They are everywhere…’ ‘Run for your lives’

Hearing this, the lizard quickly left back to the bushes and disappeared.

“Are you okay child” said the snail.

“What kind of creature are you?” questioned the centipede standing next to him.

“I don’t know…” trembled the little caterpillar.

“You are fine now pick yourself up kid” boasted the snail.

“Look at your mushy and blobby body, it looks like mine” he pointed out.


“But, she also has so many tiny legs like mine” said the centipede.  “No papa, her skin isn’t sleek and shiny like ours pointed out the baby centipede in refusal.

“I told you, you are not to speak anything remember you are grounded young man’ growled the papa centipede.


“I’m going tell mommy” cried the little centipede as he ran away.

His papa the centipede, followed him behind, waving goodbye to the snails.

“Never mind them. Son likes running and the father likes chasing” the snail giggled.

“I am wobbly the Snail with a capital S” said the snail bowing in front of little caterpillar taking his kettle steel helmet.

“I am Ira” said the little caterpillar trying her best to give a proper bow like those taught by the queen ant.


“What brought you here? Did no one tell you that, it is a dangerous place to explore alone?” questioned the snail looking worried.


“They did. But I had to run away from the ant castle. No one in this garden likes me. They always fun of me and they laugh at the way I look” said sobbingly the little caterpillar.


“Oh dear. But they must be searching for you. Let me help you get back” said the snail.

“No, I don’t want to go back again!” disagreed the caterpillar.


“Look at me. I’m hideous. I don’t know what I will grow up into. What if I become more hideous than what I am? I don’t want anybody to see me!” said the little caterpillar wiping her teary eyes.


“But you don’t know that do you? You will grow up into something unimaginable…said the snail after a long pause”.

“How do you know?” asked the caterpillar hopeful.


“I just do. Heart can see beauty that eyes cannot. Now, let’s go before the lizard shows up again” said the snail looking right and left cautiously.


Then they hastened out of the bushes to the other corner of the garden. There at the edge of the garden, stood a tall pomelo tree with a little but a neat front yard opening to a door.


“Welcome my child. This is my humble abode and make yourself at home” said the snail with a smile.




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