A drop of water..


‘‘Let them drink  a handful of water before they walk

Away from you, away from their body

To the unknown ,

Let thirst be fulfilled by your holy hands

Warmth of your love, before their lips close and

pass off their soul

let them be cleansed of their responsibility

of their  worldly sorrows

let them be cleansed of this life and be prepared to walk,

to crossover’’


for I believe now, that I never did

when I saw a father  long lost and good as dead ,drop a tear when his little girl gave him

a sprinkle of water by her own hands

then set him free of her ties and let him pass


Forgive me lord for all those moments I have been unkind

A thought of ‘A drop of water and  half hearted goodbyes’

troubles me tonight

If a moment again ever comes by, let me not be not be taken back

In thinking I am a fool, a believer of  non exsistent abstract


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