Hair and mess..

Luckily for us..may be its genetics, my sister and i never had any problems with our long and thick hair until now of course 😉 . Our mom was very strict till we were teens regarding our hair. ‘If you cut your hair you will be in trouble..’ she often said. But it was too long and too much for us to handle… till the exent that sometimes we used end up quarreling with mom for not letting us  cut our un-necessary long hair. Then time passed.. and later she got fed up herself trying to help us with managing our hair.

Eventually she let us do anything with it, except letting us have too many highlights. ‘Just don’t make your hair a rainbow’ she would say . Overjoyed ..we would start experimenting on diffrent things. And the result ‘our hair is disaster now!!’. I have too much of hairfall too nowdays. Sometimes i wish that scientists would come up with anti hairfall formulas  before i go bald.

The thing is, i have been walking to cancer hopital nearby too often now with my eldest dad(dad’s brother). i see too many of bald people around. No offence. It feels sad, especially to look young women trying to mask their head with hats and sawl. I am sure they will be easily spotted out on crowd even though they are trying to fit in. So, may be because of that lately I have been having this strange want to donate them hair..well i do have hair fall but i also have very quickly fast growing hair. So hopefully someday i will donate my hair and hopefully he or she willbe very happy about it 🙂


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