Hair and mess..


Luckily for us, may be its genetics, my sister and i never had any problems with our long and thick hair until now  😉 . Our mom was very strict till we were teens, regarding our hair as well and she would often say ‘If you girls cut your hair you will be in trouble..But at times, all the bulk in our head was  too much for us to handle so we used to end up quarrelling with her for not letting us  chop it off . Can you blame us? Layered bob cuts, shoulder length haircuts were popular those days. Imagine us, in front of those girls looking like peasant women from medieval times.. With our long hair neatly parted and plated, we looked ridiculous! Time passed and as with moms of all teen age girls our mother got fed up with us as well and with her own self too trying to help us manage our mess.


Eventually,  she let us do anything with our hair, except letting us put highlights. ‘Just don’t make your hair a rainbow’ she would say . Overjoyed, we then started experimenting on different things. Result, ‘our hair is disaster now!!’. I have hair fall too now days. To an extent, sometimes i find myself praying early in the morning for a miracle, for scientists to come with an anti hair fall formula soon before i go bald. 

However, after what i have seen past few days, my ungratefulness for all that i have has reduced to minimum.  I am happy with whatever i can grow on my scalp now. Be it hair strands that look like noodles, broomstick or half burnt ropes. As long as they grow..

I walk with my eldest dad to hospital often for his chemo these days. On my way, in there and on exit, I come across too many people who don’t have hair on their head. Some of them have a big patch of alopecia on their forehead like mistakenly they shaved their head instead of their beards when they were drunk. Some of them have small patches lost now and there, like if they plucked them out  on stress and anger. And some, some are completely bald, with their skin so smooth  on head that it twinkles, reflects with rays, on daylight or under the bulbs. Honestly, it seems odd but also it does seem sad, especially to look at young women trying to mask their head with hats and sawl. Its easy to spot them out on crowd even though they are trying to fit in. .

May be because of that, lately I have been having this strange want to donate my hair. I do have hair fall but the good thing is, i also do have quickly growing hair. So hopefully someday i will be able to donate my hair and hopefully whoever the person is, he or she will be very happy about it 🙂


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