Being me what’s up nowdays :)

Actually i am stuck. I just got my ielts score after 1 month and it was dissapointing. Though i  must say it wasn’t that bad to mention. I got band 8 out of 9. I got 8.5 on listening, 8.5 on reading, 8 on speaking but got stuck with 6.5 on writting! And because it was 6.5, i wasn’t  qualified enough  to appear for exam i was preparing for.. which requires me to get band 7 on each of those. Anyways i am still planning to appear on next ielts exam soon. Hopefully this time i won’t have to  explain to my friends where i put all my ‘more than enough earned money’. Believe me rechecking costs fortune. Don’t do it. If you are looking for advice whether you should do it or not. Better appear again. Don’t recheck and book a date for exam like me..unless you can’t sleep tight on night without doing both. hehe 🙂



2 thoughts on “Being me what’s up nowdays :)

    1. hello Malucciworth ielts is international english language testing system. I am planning to continue my further medical education at UK and it requires me to score 7 on each band on ielts to appear for exam. Infact ielts is required by many countries like canada and australlia for south east asian countries like our if they wish to pursue further their studies on those countries. So thank you hopefully i make it this time. I had no luck with writting last time 🙂


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