Cursed. A tale in my family.


Once in a while, do sit for a chitchat with your parents, grand parents or anyone elderly with lot of life experience ..Believe me you will never regret that few hours of life being a good listener.

Here is a intresting tale of my own family line that I heard from my mom during one of these conversation times or lets just say story times. Of course it is just a story because my mom is way too superstitious. But here it is, in my best possible effort to tell you in exactly the same version as she heard from her mother in law.

‘My husband great grand fathers were 3 brothers with 1 sister. Their sister was very preety and hence was asked in hand for marriage by a ‘king’ from the ‘magar kingdom’. It was a great honor to their family therefore she was married off without much of her intrest. After 1 month of her marriage she ran away from the castle. But before she could reach her brother’s home the soldiers had reached there first on their horses and took her away. Who knows what tortures and hardships she must have faced inside the walls of those palaces for she would constantly try to run but in vain everytime.  Because the soldiers would have reached wherever she went first.

One day, after many years she appeared again infront of her eldest brother’s  door .She pleaded him to hide her from the soldiers that were following her. But he strongly refused and  said ‘a daughter’s home is where her husband is and she should accept her faith and learn to live with it nomatter how she was treated and how unhappy she was’. She was about to leave to ask for help to her other brothers when they too came there searching for their sister upon hearing the soldiers arrival. Hoping atleast one of them would help her she pleaded them but like their eldest brother they too refused.

That day when the soldiers did finally arrive, she hid no more like the times before. No one had to pull her  from under the bed or  creeps of the door. Everyone was surprised that she was too willing to leave but before they left she motioned the soldiers to wait for her. Then she went inside the house came out with some rice grains that she casted away on the door and incence sticks that she lighted and buried on the frontyard. ‘This house has had far too many daughters to value them’ she said. ‘My own three brothers who are strong, wealthy and powerful did not think I ‘their only sister’ was important enough to be protected. So I curse this house and this blood to never have a daughter’s happiness playing in this verandah’.

‘Saying that she left never to come back putting that curse in our line, that is why the next three generations did not have any daughters in your father’s line’ my mother said. ‘Oh’ we have enough daughters in our line I said making ‘I don’t believe you’ face.. ‘That’s because your grandma after losing her only daughter did many rituals to undo her curse’my mother replied frowning. ‘Did we have aunt?’ I asked mom confused. ‘yes you did. And since she was the only daughter after so long years of generations, even after she was engaged she was kept at home. But who can escape death? She died too at a very young age’. “oh..” I said feeling sorry for my aunt that I never saw. “So what did she do?my grandmom to undo the curse?” ‘Many things dear..many things’ she replied


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