Perhaps beacause i am a girl and a sister to my own brothers i will never know how brothers feel about each other. I have always questioned this because my own brothers are very different in nature. Most often I donot see them talking like we sisters do but I believe ‘love of blood’ does bind them together or does it?

My dad had a very rough childhood that I presume from the stories he tells me. They were three brothers living with a mom who was perhaps half blind( I never got to see her). Our grandpa had died very early with some chest infection. None in his family lived long.. mother says. Now only the eldest and the youngest (my dad) are in touch. Apparently the second eldest left too at young age.

My father had never much fancied his eldest brother. ‘He was oppurtunist’ that’s what he says and nothing much. He has never been a type to talk much afterall. And I do understand of course because the eldest dad(his brother) had afterall swiped all of what remained of his property from his little inheritance. My mother says ‘Not only did he marry my two sisters and inherited all of their property but inherited all of mine too” sounding crossed. But its just not that what actually tore my dad apart from within was it? No. Not from the fact too that he had given him one chance to prove himself and he broke it by swindling mom away with our new earned property just few years ago but with the fact that he had never been much of a brother to him and much of a son to his mother.

‘My mom was blind, my brother was rich but he never cared of getting her to the hospital for eye checkup’ he told me few days back when we sat together for a cup of coffee. ‘But I did carry your mom all the way to next village for cataract operation’ mom immediately replies sounding proud. ‘Yes you did dear’ dad says, happy but still hurt clinging to unhappy past.

Day before yesterday my eldest dad(brother’s dad) was diagnosed with lung cancer. I called dad to tell him for he was the only one family henow has beside us. There was a silence for a moment then he replied ‘let it be. It’s his decision. There is nothing much I can help with’. By this perhaps he meant money but by this It did mean to me that heart does break and once it breaks no matter what relation whether formed or with blood there is no putting it back together.


52 thoughts on “Brothers

  1. Such complicated human relations even among sisters, brothers and relatives. Is blood really thicker than water? I really don’t know because I see more examples of the blood much thinner than water. Live strong, Missmonsoon, because that is the root for happiness. ❤

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      1. As reporter or anything else, it’s a job. A man needs a job only to meet his responsibility to support his family. If you think men are doing what they want in this world, you are wrong. Men have to set aside themselves to keep their jobs for money to see their families are well supported. Whether he knows it or not, it’s his destiny. If he escapes from this responsibility, he is kicked out of the system of society and goes astray as a homeless or a “wealthy” man with a little money in his hand but a hunk of ice and grudge inside blaming everything and everyone else but himself. Take a hard look at what’s going on in this world and you will know. Well, this is what just came to mind at the moment. I hope you are enjoying the New Year.

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      2. I am. somehow it sounds like you didnot enjoy much of your life as reporter. I understand. Men or anyone be it a woiman are bound by many things. Its not always one loves what he or she does. for instant i hate it when the person sitting on the chair just commands us to do this and that..sometimes forcing us to care a vvip more than other person who deserves more attention. Life rolls like that..we dont always like it. So what did you enjoy the most in your life Mr Ashiaki?? 🙂

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      3. Come to think of it, I don’t really know the answer. I suppose the time has finally come now to look for what I really want to do to be happy — in the what’s left of my life. It’s a solace to find someone like you to talk with on things like this. 🙂

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      4. And i would love to talk on those what do you suppose you would really like to do. I dont know i have always wanted to be a doctor..i am not that smart..and i donot want to opt for higher sacrifices like surgery and everything else becuase i would like to live my own life as well to the fullest but i want to be the best in the field i am in..hopefully my job will never disappoint me 🙂

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