Aim is to live,

Not just to breathe but to be alive

To pursue, not just goals

But the essence inside

Aim is to walk, untangled in free will

Wandering but not lost

To discover more and more

But  never to lose sight of what was there


Aim is to laugh, recalling the good old bygone days

Never regretting what was gone and what has been done and made

Aim is to chase happiness, forgetting  compromise

learning to live in a want to find joy that reflect us and not just me.. alone

Loving effortlessly till the end

knowing  this will be the very same till the last of the days


yes, aim is to live, not just to  breathe but to be alive

Aim is to appreciate, every little things in life

And to be grateful enough full heartedly,openly

before time flies.. with life in it.




Next Poem 🙂 – Spider


12 thoughts on “Aim..

  1. For you:

    Nobody knows what life is
    But we all know we live life
    So do all other animals and vegetables

    Many things cannot be seen yet exist
    Life seems to be the greatest of them all
    And life is the greatest blessing for us

    I know you agree

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      1. Yup very true Mr Ashiaki. I did take a leave off yesterday and today and i have been busy waking around the street. got myself a nice pair of mittens as a gift. Happy :). Happy New year to yoou too. Have a greaat year. Though i presume and expect to to hear your journey on the coming days too 🙂

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