“This one is affected” they say

Spreading in some rice grains

With extravagant display..

While my mom

Clenches her teeth and

Grasps her sawl ‘fearing for me’ in tightening grips, again



“The stars are not aligned”

They blindshoot..with sharp pellets of words

amidst the vast ‘fearfullness’ of her innocient mind


And perhaps, mocking at stupidity of hers

for her failure to recognize their phony disguise



She grabs in some cash and hands it, bowing low to their feet

“Can this be undone?” she asks stammering

“Of course” they say

Eyeing money, easy cash walking


And they did,

Atleast she believes.. with some magical rities

that supposedly.. Changed my course of destiny..



11 thoughts on “Beliefs’

    1. Yes i will Mr Ashiaki. Moms will always be moms so i cannot blame her for her beliefs. I too believe my destiny is on my hand. Do you believe in things called fortune tellers Mr Ashiaki??


      1. No, I don’t believe in what is called fortune tellers. But I understand it’s fun to draw a lot. I also often find myself “praying” for something good to come to me. My weak spot, I guess. 🙂

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      2. Ah..i understand. i think i am religious but not in ritual stuffs but from heart. i actually think there is something called GOd and may be there is something called souls too inside us. Though i wouldn’t like to believe on ghosts and haunting spirits,i think may be they too exsist, But fortune telling, good to hear..i don’t at all. what do you think Mr Ashiaki. Because just recently i experinced something called may be a ‘third world’ sensation..perhaps spirits. or maybe just my mind. 🙂

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      3. I’m exactly like you as far as God, soul and other spiritual phenomena are concerned. Fortune telling is only a business for some shady people. I’m very much interested in knowing your experience of a “third world” sensation. You must tell me when you have the time.

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      4. Oh sure Mr Ashiaki. Nothing much but lately i m thinking perhaps it was good i experinced something like that. Keeps a person in touch with soul but i must say with my weak heart scares me a little more nowdays to walk around hospital at night. The thing was a strange laugh of a cchild woke me up or i should say perhaps i was dreaming because i am not sure.. but when i did wake up (supposedly from my strange dream) i saw my mom up scared too. i am damn sure i heard the little one’s footsteps approaching. i was scared but i was tired too so i slept. idk i was just too sleepy or perhaps that laugh or footsteps really got me. i had a strange dream,felt like that little gal was trying to wake me up again and again everytime. But again must be mind playing games. Strange isn’t it. I have no one to talk this too. so i am blurting out here. hopefully you have heard enough of stories like these from amateurs like me 🙂

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      5. Yes, I have heard of similar stories. One of them was told to me by a nurse at the hospital I once ran into for a sudden asthma attack treatment. (I mentioned this hospital in one of my story poems
        The nurse told me that a patient she was looking after on one night died. When she was walking back to her dormitory room from the hospital ward, she heard footsteps behind her. She turned to look back and she saw the man who had just died following her. She thought it was just an illusion and went on. But she continued to hear the footsteps and kept seeing him following her. She then said to him, “I am deeply sorry that you died. But please understand we did everything we could to save you. Honestly there was nothing more I could do for you.” The man, hearing what she said, bowed and disappeared.
        I am not to say if this story really happened or not. But I can say that the nurse did not feel scared at “seeing” the ghost, because she was sure she honestly did everything she could. I’d imagine the man, if he really followed her as a ghost, wanted to thank her for her full effort to save him. I’m sure that we have nothing to be scared of or frightened by as long as we are honest to our own hearts in doing things.
        Yes, it is a strange happening that you heard the footsteps. But I know you are doing your best to perform your requirements as a medical attendant. All our efforts and what we do are to be rightfully rewarded at the end.

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      6. wow Thank you Mr Ashiaki for sharing that story. It uplifted my spirits. i don’t remember taking care/looking after children at hospital. Never came across much sick children.. perhaps it too was illusion or a dream. For i am strange woman Mr Ashiaki i rarely have dreams perhaps 1-2 in a month or maybe not again. But that you mention it , i have nothing to worry as long as i am true to my heart. 🙂

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