Infected ..

In memories of children who died and who have been struggling to survive with HIV.



You were meant to be born, You were meant to be seen

A reminder of memory, to those who created you as a victim

flawed, from the very beginning

life stands a curse, ignorant of your grief..

Cruel as it is, but you must live.

Survive the few days, fight for it

accept the truth and sleep in peace

“that you are infected”

Infected even before you settled in the womb

Infected because the virus claims the domains of you

There is a essence of your life, however,  that you must know

A reason to why you were conceived and the sequence of events it followed

A club, a random night, an unknown stranger

A sour truth, you must never hinder to remember

And ‘stop’ if you can, from happening all over again

“The  Infected”

fooling, conceiving and giving birth to the ‘other you’

then being thrown out to the garbage’


12 thoughts on “Infected ..

  1. When the AIDS was beginning to be known to the world in the 1980’s, a doctor told me of the patients, “They asked for it.” He was true about what he said to a certain extent because the patients in those days were thought to be infected by the disease only under limited circumstances. But later the problem arose about the children born HIV positive. In your profession, you no doubt see those children in your own eye. I’ve never met with an HIV positive person myself, but I can imagine how you feel about them. Why do we have to have the tragedy of this sort? Another heart-aching problem you reminded me of today.

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    1. Yes Mr Ashiaki is see a lot of infected children. For instance i often pay a visit to an orphanage at kirtipur that homes hiv infected children from Nepal. The person who started it did it with his own intrest and has no association with any agancied as far i know atlest. he is a praise worthy character..and there are children as small as 7/8 yr old who dont even know yet what they have. They know they hav AIDS or are hIV+ and they will gladly admit it but they donot actually know why this disease had them casted away from the world.

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      1. i wonder..till people themselves learn to accept and come out there is little hope. Its not uncommon to see in Hospital settings, men being infected and never telling their wives or childrens. I saw in youtube there are even people out there who are too determined to transmit virus everywhere..what’s with the world??

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      2. I know what you mean. Not only about the disease, it’s to me a mystery why people do what they do. Maybe some people can’t bear their misfortune by themselves alone, and they try to drag in other people to form a “club” lessen their suffering. This may be a psychological problem. I believe you are very right in saying till people themselves learn to accept… there will be no solution to the problem. Then how can the people be made learn. We have to think. People who can think must think. I know you are one of those people who can think.

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      3. Yes Mr Ashiaki maybe it is a psychological problem where they want a lot other too in their ‘club’. But for those who are misfortunate and who suffer, unless they stand for themselves there is a very slim chance that they will be given a helping hand.


      4. You are close to those unfortunate people and see them with your own eye. I hear your words as shouting when you say “unless they stand for themselves…” You must really feel, rather know, the true need for coping with the situation. We must promote the public awareness of the problem.

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      5. Yes Mr Ashiaki. Public promotion will play a great role. Yet in a country like ours, people rather like being silent and being ignored than justifying themselves and fight for their right. Hopefully like for everything else..someday even for these children there will a brighter day 🙂

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      6. Our country is also much like yours as far as the people’s attitude is concerned toward any problem. Yes, like for everything else as you say, there will be a brighter day for everyone. 🙂

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