I donot understand religion..

I like to believe i am quite a religious person myself. Because i  do believe in the presence of God. I do believe life happened not by chance but we were destined. I also believe that there is one god just different names. But how far am i willing to take my faith to that i donot know..

This morning i was taking a round in the ward. There was a patient of ‘Nephrotic Syndrome’ (A kidney disease where you are not able to retain protein that washes away in your urine), a 16 year old boy. He was taking Infusion Albumin once a day for 5 days. One infusion of albumin(protein) costs about 10,000 Nepali rs. For 5 days means, in infusion alone he was spending 50,000. There are many additional costs of course.. hospital stay, tests and other medications.

He is the only son and for his medication alone his parents are willing spend whatever they can. They have just recently sold a part of their land for his medication money. There is no such thing as health insurance here, so no wonder why, they are down to nothing now.

They are strongly religious people. In their religion they are forbidden to consume animal meats or products. Of course this fact i didnot know when i tried to counsel the patient’s father, about starting him on diet rich in protein. I suggested  white part of boiled egg which is rich in protein would do him good. His father said they were religious people so they could not do such thing but since his son was always ill, he ocassionally was allowed to be fed with meat products so may be it will be ok to feed him one or two once in a while. So they ordered two boiled eggs.

After half an hour i came back to see the patient. This boy who was severley swollen because of the disease and who could not even bend his fingers properly due to swelling and pain of multiple pricks(it was very difficult to find a vein in him) was trying again and again to uncover the shell of the egg. I watched him feeling sorry like a bystander like his father who watched him feeling sorry like aa bystander for half an hour.

I asked his father why are you not helping your son? He said ‘We are religious people,we donot touch eggs’. I stared at him shocked. I donot understand religion, i donot understand his love for his child, i donot understand him being willing to spend all he has yet not willing to touch an egg to feed his child, i donot understand the law by which people feel and act…..


3 thoughts on “I donot understand religion..

  1. Yes you are right. And i have no right to have any opinions to individual religions. But i don’t know i had that feeling ‘parents love have no boundries’ but the n i am not judging anyone. Thank you for the comment 🙂

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  2. Such a tough question you are facing. If I were in your shoes, I’m sure I’d be bewildered in the same way. I don’t understand religion either. In many occasions I just don’t understand why people believe things in the way they to. You face the problem as you do because of your profession which is very important to other people. I hope you have the strength to go through the difficulty without hurting yourself in any way.

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    1. It confuses me often the way people do things..especially being in my profession..being a naive starter. Eventually i will learn i know but there are so many questions. Donot worry Mr Ashiaki i will not hurt myself. I wish people valued their relations more than they do abstract things. 🙂

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