Being me..interesting days


My mom says ‘always have a positive outlook in whatever thing that comes in your way, even though its a failure’. I have and i have been trying to.. though its quite a difficult task to put it in my system because I have to format and set my entire chip back again with a command  “BE  POSITIVE”

My heart just did a somersault when i saw “David Beckham” on THE NEWS standing next to a TEMPO in Nepal! how cool is that!! Its easy to imagine him standing next to  Turbo/Mercedes/Ferrari but come on…next to tempo??? And I just saw him. Believe me ‘with his looks he still manages to kill it’.  😛

And did I mention another somersault when I saw ‘Benedict Cumberbatch’ in the newspaper shooting in Kathmandu? What a day! J

It does not get more intresting than this.

In the morning I boiled milk in rice cooker . Thank god, the ‘loadshedding schedule’ says we will have electricity in the morning atleast to boil milk and cook rice and then boil soup too. Hahah. Oh well, did I mention we ran out of gas 2 wks ago?

After grabbing breakfast I was about to hurry for my work at 7am when suddenly I  felt a chill down my spine remembering ‘wait. Did I pack my lunch??’

“No I  didn’t. But that’s ok.. I am working at Hospital B today so  I won’t have problem having a good set of ‘Rice, Dal and tarkari’ for dinner. Wait I can have a whole plate of momo too. No problem. They cook  using heater and they have 24 hr electricity. Yupiee…..” I said to myself.

You must wonder what am I telling to myself, right?

Here is the explanation..At Hospital A which is a quite a small hospital compared to Hospital B, food is a real problem. There is no gas so no canteen. No gas so no restaurants too. And you cannot survive on junk, if you have 24hrs duty shift can you? So that’s why I was worried about packing lunch.

Good thing is because of this disadvantage at Hospital B, I have learnt many things.

1) our nurses are real good not just with work like they are.. but as a person too. They share lunch with me!!    2) One of our security guards is a masterchef in the kitchen. If he is on duty on your day, no worries for dinner!!


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