He sounds like a firefly…

firefly experience.org
firefly experience.org

(Dedicated to Mr ashiaki for his beautiful words :))

please follow him for beautiful poems, stories and lessons of life. here is the link  https://ashiakira.wordpress.com/

He sounds like a firefly

With a Light of hope

Glistening bright

in sorrowful nights

Waiting patiently for a dawn to fall

To save what remains of the lost souls

Stories  after stories he tells

I wonder how he felt to live those moments

Knowing life dances on the edge of the sword

Knowing he must survive to tell the horrors to the world

‘Of wars’

Where  blood was spilled and thousands died..

Where  many said  forceful goodbyes..

Where  smile was scarce like food and water..

Where humans were silent like the corpse that laid under..

He sounds like a firefly, an age old soul

Waking to lighten up the sorrowful nights….


7 thoughts on “He sounds like a firefly…

  1. The words “…sounds like a firefly” hit my heart. It is inexplicable, but I got the feeling that you might get when you by chance read some words in a poem that hit your heart. And the feeling penetrated deeper into the center of my heart as I read it again, telling myself it was written for me.

    In your posting you described the hardships you have to go through to live in your country when you wrote about your standing in a queue for 17 hours for petrol to get nothing in the end. You had so little to eat and had to be easy on drinking water… I know how you were then because I got through the same sort of experience myself. You broke down in tears… Of course, I understand. But you are so strong. You are not only so strong physically as you rode on the hood of a bus after you waited for a long time for it to come but also you are so strong spiritually, and deep in your heart, as you can still write such beautiful poems.

    You are a poet your country, and the entire world, needs today. Please keep writing and hit the heart of other people as you did to me. I will also write. Maybe we will compete with each other… 🙂

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    1. I am very glad Mr Ashiaki that you liked it. I find your poems heart touching indeed. It feels like i am right there at the moment when you describe it. No..Mr ashiaki there can never be competetion between us. I am way behind 🙂

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